Saturday, 11 July 2009

problem solved

the home ice cream man just came and i went all out. i got a super sampler. it was $19.90. it has:
5x coffee cream
5x cherry choc
12x strawberry mini hearts
4x moon prints
4x el choco loco
4x sheer indulgence choc malt & mint

that oughtta keep me out of trouble on the dessert front for a day or so


  1. Looks like you solved your desserts problem. Did you get the ice cream from one of those delivery vans?
    What is the weather like there? It is cold, very windy and raining as well here. a real indoors day.

  2. yes, i got it from the van. i like how convenient it is and the prices are not bad.....

    it is very cold here, not raining or windy, just cold. it is a good indoors day but i have ants in my pants and want to go out!

  3. Over here, we call him the Schwann Man. And he is good. I am out of his jurisdiction at the moment, but I plan to get back there, someday.

    I hope you get to go out, in spite of the cold!

  4. bob,
    miss briony has done the maths: six ice creams each and four over. she thinks thats a bonus each for the kids. i think it's two bonuses each for me and the other half

  5. Yes, I just saw the post down below and wrote with glee! Thanks for alerting me. Sorry I don't get around much anymore because according to our new friend "Prince" I have major issues!!! Apparently I can't get my head out of my a$$, so how can I be expected to get to Australia every time you write a new post? Hell, I can't even see where I'm going half the time!!!

    Hey baby, why don't you just buy a gallon of ice cream on sale at the market when you show up occasionally for food. That's like 2-3 bucks for the cheap stuff, 4-5 for the good stuff. You could have saved almost 15 bucks in these hard economic time and been able to spend them on movie tickets for the rest of us. You do shop for food, right? Or does the van deliver that too. Australians. It really is hard to believe the lot of you were ever British...

    Hey baby, do you have any English Breakfast Tea and a scone or two? I'm starving.

    XO Blottie 1.0 ;)

  6. Hi JO!!!

    Hi KYLIE!!!

    Hi MEGAN!!!


  7. I wish we had a Home Ice Cream Man! Nothing like that in my neck of the woods. Hedgie and Sarge would flip for your ice cream treasure chest.

  8. suze, a gallon would cost me about $9 and i would have to serve it and wash up after.
    yep, thats how lazy (or tired) i am! i like ice creams on sticks, they are all the same size so theres no argument about who got more, theres no washing up, no serving.........bliss

    i did save $8 on movie tickets by using a discount card. when you come over i can buy four tickets at a time with a $4 discount on each

    i rarely drink tea but the girls made scones this arvo. i think i just ate the last one

    must go

  9. leah, you werent there when i started blathering on to suze. nice surprise.
    i spend way more on ice cream than i would at the supermarket but it's so easy. every second saturday, even if there is not a morsel in the house, i can get a box or two of ice creams and then all is right with the world!

  10. Kyles,

    That sounds sooooo good to me right now...

    I'm literally gonna have to drop everything i'm doing and go get me some ice cream...

    Lotsa love, M

  11. There is an ice cream truck that comes around our neighborhood every eveing. Sometimes when we hear it coming before the kids do, we will turn the t.v. up really loud in hopes to drown out the sound of the stupid music it plays. It ususally doesn't work. :(

  12. I read your post and then had to dive for my freezer for an ice lolly- all that talk about 'sheer indulgence choc malt' got me hankering..

  13. I'm laughing too hard. Man you're gallon of ice cream costs a lot! Where do you live? Australia?! I don't live in Arkansas with Cece, but we have the same ice cream truck guy. Man, he sure does get around.

    Okay, I'll admit, I do love ice cream on a stick. I especially LOVE fudge cycles and the orange ones. Baby, what are the orange ones called? Are they called "cream cycles?" Hummmmmmmm. How odd I can't remember the name, but I know you know what I mean. And yes dear, I understand what it's like to be a mom and try to make life as easy as possible. No, I'm not a mom, but I grew up with a mom with three wee ones when I was in my teens. That's a tough row to hoe because I hoed it ever single day!!!! And night I might add! So trust me, I understand. And for those who make fun of me and think I have no right to talk about parenting. HA!!! Get out of my freakin' face. Been there, done that multiple times. No, my sisters and I weren't perfect parents because my youngest sister grew up to be a royal pain in the ass. An honest to God diva. I don't know where we went wrong!!! I think my older sister's to blame because she read the child bedtime stories from Comopolitan magazine. No, I'm not kidding. All the stories I share are true and I think that's what makes them so stupid~funny!!! Yes, Ginny's a pain in the ass and we helped create that monster. Apparently she needed more ice cream on a stick. I think that was our problem. Not enough ice cream.


    Baby, you keep buying ice cream on a stick. I really do think that's the answer.

  14. Cream cycles? Are those like motor-cycles, uni-cycles, bi-cycles, or tri-cycles?

    Hi Blottie!!!


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