Sunday, 12 July 2009

i'm a thief

megan has posted a meme listing seven reasons she is awesome. in the absence of anything else to say i thought i would pinch it.

1. my hair is awesome
2. i can probably make you laugh
3. i am an awesome coffee drinker
4. i am an awesome mother (keaghan wrote that and as far as i know he will never be a mother, so go figure)
5. i'm awesome tired
6. i can read damned fast
7. this one is over to you


  1. Bob, get rid of that picture. I'm serious.

  2. hi bob
    hi megs

    i love the picture

  3. Bob's killin' me. Megan, this wedding is never going to work if that's what you have to stand next to at the alter. I'm serious. Don't marry him. I have really sharp quilting needles that can pop that thing (no I don't quilt, but have a thing about good needles).

    Kylie, I wrote down below.

    Kylie, I agree with Megan, you are truly awesome! I do love your hair and yes you crack me up. Often. The coffee thing. You'll never believe this in a million years, but every morning I drink less and less. I have no idea what's happening to me. I just don't think it's natural to give up coffee. You are an awesome mom. I know because you lack the ability to clean the house, but take care of the kids and animals properly. What? It's true!!! Tired. Ha! Aren't we all baby?! Read. Hummmmmmmm. I can barely spell anymore. Right back atcha.

    Love you to bits!

    P.S. Yes, of course I now have to go visit Megan to see what she wrote. She's trouble. Trouble I tell you.

  4. Hi Megs!
    Hi Kylie!
    Hi Bob!

    I hate the picture. Which of course means he'll keep it.


  5. I'll be honest. I use a Post-It and place it over the photo as I type. That's how nasty I think it is.


  6. I am what I am... the photo stays.

  7. Oh. My. God. Belligerent little

    He's all yours Megan. Good luck. God speed. You can find the quilting pins at any good fabric store. They're the ones with the pretty little yellow ends. Oh, and Post Its can be found at any major retail establishment. I'm not so sure you can find enough to cover that monstrosity. You don't want kids, right? Good, cuz I don't think you'll ever find that weenie, but if you do, I'm not certain Bob will ever find you!

    Bob, just so you know, you are so not my type.


    P.S. Kylie, this is the zucchini post:

    I'll tell you a funny story about my zucchini last year. I splurged and bought a cute little French number. She grew and grew and grew, but only produced about 3 small zucchini. I was very disappointed and in the Fall, yanked her out to throw on the compost pile. And there it was. The mother of all zucchini. It was literally longer than a baseball bat and about three times as round. I yelled for Rob. We just stood there and looked in total disbelief. I could have entered it in a giant veggie contest or something. It was insane. I left it in the garden for about a month just so I could look at it! Then I cut it open and fed it to the skunks, racoons, birds, etc. Most gardeners get so many zucchini they don't know what to do, but me, I got no zucchini, a giant plant and one giant zucchini I couldn't eat. Please! What did I do wrong?!!!

  8. i read the story suze!
    it sounds like something that would happen to me. it's stupid funny

  9. Hi Kylie!

    Your Awesomeness list merely corroborates how awesome I already thought you were.

    Now for Number 7:

    You are in possession of an awesome clever wryness.

    and p.s. Bob's avatar made Sarge laugh. It's horrifying but I'll admit it's funny.

  10. 'I know because you lack the ability to clean the house, but take care of the kids and animals properly.'

    Holy moly, I must be a good Mommy too :o

    *waves hello*

    (slightly jealous of your awesome hair)

  11. hi abi and welcome!
    my hair is awesome in a crazy way, not a long, glossy gorgeous way :)

  12. leah,
    you are so complimentary. thank you :)

  13. Oh gosh, crazy is best!!! :D

  14. Dear Kylie,
    You are truly awesome! I agree with others..
    as am typing here.. serene looking at bob's avatar and asking.. "mommy is she at dr. office? she have a baby in her tummy? and all kind of questions u can expect from a smart little girl.. :)
    love you dear


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