Sunday, 12 July 2009

a see-sawing thief

life is a funny thing, innit?

i seem to be see-sawing away uncontrollably lately. more down than up, actually (if that is possible, which theoretically it isn't but anyhow...)
you all know i haven't been happy with my blogging. it is the most unbelievably frustrating thing for me to know that blogging can be a great source of joy for me but to be unable to tap into that. i have been dry and blocked and just not with it and then a rubbish post about ice cream changed it all. i'm still posting garbage but it's garbage that finds understanding and brings connection. yay! a little hint of joy
this afternoon i was quietly pleased and now it has all evaporated again. not because of any blogging issue but most likely just because i'm tired
i am tired of nagging and droning to get kids showered and fed and into bed. i am tired of washing up. no, I AM TIRED OF WASHING UP. i am tired of my dog following me everywhere. he's a beautiful thing and i'm glad he loves me but really......
and did i mention i am tired of washing up?
liam has developed a fever and all i can think is that i can't face another round of flu in the family

and on it goes


  1. I can relate to how you're feeling....

    I reaaaaally can x

  2. ...'finds understanding and brings connection'- yes you do! that's why so many of us like to read your blog.

    You need a holiday my friend, some away time, some time for just you and what you formerly liked to do before house and kids took over. Not to say that our children are not the most amazing, important things in our lives- but we all need to re-connect with ourselves. I am still finding this out.

    I am always impressed at how you blog through the 'dry' times- you are real and, I agree with megan and others, you are awesome! I mean. I wouldn't be able to write italics in this comment without you!

  3. Dear Kylie,
    Hope you feeling better..
    sickness in the family is not fun to deal with..
    hope and pray the sickies go away fast..
    love you dear
    many ((hugs))

  4. Hell, I don't even know how to write in italics. Can you hold a class or something? And Bob. Wow, he's just let himself go. I thought he was pregnant too and thought of Kate plus 8, and then read Serene's comment down below and nearly died laughing!!! Kids don't lie. Also loved Abi's comment and her use of my quote. "Abi come here you little sweetheart and let me give you a hug!!!" This is what you'll learn about our darling Kylie. She's awesome. She's a terrific mom to humans and animals, but she hates cleaning. Don't we all baby?! I return from the park every single day and do the same thing every single freakin' day until I think I'm going to go nuts. I can't imagine doing it with 4 kids, 3 kids, 2, 1!!! It's hard and it never ends. And then you have a guys like Bob, sitting on a sofa eating bon bons, watching sports and waiting to give birth. What's wrong with this picture?

    And Kylie, come over here and let me give you a huge hug and kiss. Your blog matters. I come here for comfort. We've known one another for so long now and you've helped me weather really difficult times. You make me laugh and think way too hard for this little brain and I wouldn't have it any other way. You were even kind when I was rude. To see you agonizing hurts me because I love you so. Just know I'll never leave you. I love this blog and I love you. I've learned that blogging has it's ups and downs, just like life, but if you muddle through you usually find your voice. And our darling, darling friends never abandon us. Never. It's like a special little gift and when times are tough it means the world.

    I'm right here darling and I love you so,

  5. abi,
    yes, the little ones are pretty draining. and constant. so constant.

  6. bob
    it's in the freezer, get it yourself and put the wrapper in the bin :)

  7. cinnamon,
    a break would be nice, you're right!
    you can drop by anytime if you are gonna be so complimentary. thanks.

  8. megs,
    thanks. i managed to hang in. i'll continue the breakdown at some later date .....

  9. bindi!
    he didnt get any sicker
    yay! woohoo!

    maybe i was catastrophising :)

  10. suze,
    youre too kind. thank you my dear

    and you wrote a comment in under 4000 characters!



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