Monday, 13 July 2009

and the sun still shines

well, a good nights sleep got me back into sane territory and i'd like to tell you i'm all sunshine and roses again (if ever i am)
i found this picture of sunshine and thought i would use it and then i realised it looks like it comes directly from the cover of "The Watchtower"
(do you ever feel like the universe is playing a joke on you?)

i'm sure i made some interesting observation today that i was going to share with you but for the life of me i can't think of it.....
so, two rules for blogging:
  • write down your best ideas because it doesn't matter how unforgettable you think it is, it is (forgettable, that is)
  • don't blog when ghastly tired




  1. *writes down rules*

    Great. Now I don't remember what else I was gonna write down. And it was the Best Idea Ever!


    You rock, Kylie. All Along the Watchtower, you rock.

  2. Yes, that is so 'Watchtower'! But glad the sun is still shining:)

  3. God I love you. Baby, whatchamakin' for us to eat now that you're back in the flow. I need a wee bit of tea first. And some milk to go with it. Don't get up and strain your riggin'. I'll get it!!!

    You got sleep? HOW DARE YOU AND LEAVE ME HERE TO FEND FOR MYSELF! You are simply rude. No, I won't forget this. Well, I had more to say, but forget.

    What? Leave me alone. I want to read the Watchtower and drink my tea. *Suze rolls eyes in head..."Australians."*

    Happy Tuesday here, Wednesday there. God I gotta think too hard when I visit! Hey baby, I answered all your comments on my blog. Stop by and read what I wrote so I know I didn't write in vain.

    Of course I love you.

  4. Hi Megan! (Rules will never work with Bob.)
    Hi Cinnamon! (New haircut?)

  5. i saw it, i read it and i answered it

  6. You are a woman of so many words. I'll write less next time.


  7. 'Watchtower'... lol!

    That line made my day...

    You know I once sat next to a Watchtower spokesperson on a 12 hour plane ride...

    The only thing worse than being sent to a turkish

    Hope youre takin a little time out for yourself my friend in the middle of your busy life,

    Lotsa love,


  8. maistro
    you obviously know how to nail an issue


  9. cinnamon
    the back of your head is nothing like what i imagined!


  10. What did you imagine??

  11. Those are excellent rules, and that is why I carry a small notepad around with me. Sometimes I look like a nerd frantically writing down stuff at a stoplight but I know if I don't I will forget it. Glad to hear the sun is shining and that is a cool picture.

  12. cinnamon,
    i had you down as having a perfect longish bob

  13. hi shifester!
    have you ever written notes somewhere really weird?

  14. Maithri: Tolerance

    Kylie: The back of a head never looks like the front.

    Cinnamon: Hey you. You look gorgeous!

    Mr. Shife: No matter what you say I just love you!!! Here honey, I have a pen.



  15. Kylie,

    Thank you for last night. You made me laugh too damn hard. I love you so much. And then I saw the rest today. Woman, you're a hoot!


  16. "thank you for last night"

    i havent heard that in a long time


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