Wednesday, 15 July 2009

a question or two for ya

tonight i was attempting to make conversation and being ignored. i remarked to an observer that it was like trying to converse with a rock. i was promptly told that if that person didnt want to converse i should respect their wishes and be quiet.

so, how far does this extend?
can i respect the wishes of a rude individual 5 times?
for a day?
a week?
a month?

do they ever have an obligation to converse?
am i obliged to keep trying?
when can i give up?
when should i give up?


  1. Interesting. Very interesting.
    My opinion is that it would matter to me who this person is. It shouldn't but it does. Is is a clerk in the store? Is it a student? Is it a corpse? Is it a significant other? All the above? Screw 'em. The significant other? Make them less significant to non-existent.
    I have never read your blog before - I will visit again - hope my comment isn't out of context.
    Gist: Don't let someone else's attitude destroy any bit of who you are. Give up if it takes away or compromises you or your values.

  2. P.S. What's your gut telling you? Go with that!

  3. i think he may be a corpse :)

  4. your comment isnt out of context

    and really my decision was made long ago. it was essentially dont bother trying because it is too damaging to be continually ignored

  5. If it happens all of a sudden in an otherwise normal relationship of any kind, I manage abvout 6/7 times and then erupt with 'OK! WHAT IS IT?'

    If it's something they've always done, or carry on doing without explanation then yes...I agree with your comment, don't bother trying, it's too damaging... I have someone in my life I have to do that with too... it sucks. It's not your fault. x

  6. ...actually if I were you, I'd ask this person if it was something that I didn't say?!

  7. Sounds like you haven't missed out on anything. That person doesn't sound very interesting.

  8. I think one of the most powerful words in the language is...

    Next! ;)

    Dont waste youre energy on those who dont want to be around you. Theres plenty who do! ;)

    Much love, M

  9. Dear Kyles,
    Don't try to talk to a corpse or rock... :)
    use that time to blog :)

    love you dear

  10. Kia ora Kylie,
    I agree with Maithri. If someone cannot focus on words I am trying to say, then move on.
    Of course, there is a difference with those in our immediate vicinity, loved ones, friends, ect. My wife, for instance, if she is studying or writing I am probably not going to go in and ask her what I should cook for tea, ect. Timing can be very important. Rave on Kylie, I have been reading just feeling a bit quiet lately.

  11. abi,
    i reckon 5 would be my limit, so you're a better woman than me!

  12. bob
    you rarely talk to me but i rarely try to engage you individually so continue.....

  13. maistro!


    much love right back

  14. bindi,
    great minds think alike, dear :)

  15. robb,
    i know you'll pop up when i say something that grabs your attention

    hope you're doin well

  16. This is serious stuff, but every time Bob appears I start laughing. Why?! I don't think what he's doing is fair to blogging friends. That's all I'll say.

    MERELYME'S HERE!!!! HURRAY!!! See, my blog matters because it brings people together. Unfortunately Leah's pissed at me right now, so the two of them sorta cancel one another out. Life is so complicated.

    My darling Kyles...I know you by now and understand. You don't have to be quiet. You have every right to converse and expect to be conversed to!!! (I think Leah would like that one!) That's what a relationship is all about. Communication. Laughter. Love. Kindness. You deserve all that. You don't deserve to talk to a rock. You really don't darling. Trust me. Anyone who wears red shoes shouldn't be talking to a damn rock!!!

    Leah got a bit pissed at me today and I thought about all of us. I was grateful. It means I matter!!! She wouldn't be upset if I didn't matter. We've all know one another now for a long time and we've been through so much together. It's never like talking to a rock. We all love one another dearly and have ups and downs, but never abandon the other. I think that's what's so special about our group and this place. It appears we're together for life. I think that's my message to you. If you're talking to a rock, it is a rock. Listen to your heart.

    I love you so very, very much. And I'm sorry. I know what it means to question. I do baby. What ever you do, what ever you decide, I'm always here. Always. Always. Always.

    Thank you for all the fun on my blog. I'm so glad you and Merelyme had such fun and forged a friendship. She's a sweetie!!! She's also smart and funny. Match made in Heaven!!!

    I love you so much darling. Hang in there.

    Me XO

  17. How did they all get here before me? I posted way before all of them. That is just pathetic.

  18. Bindi is what now? A commedian?

  19. oh bob!
    i was rushing to write those comments and i didnt even see you drop in there!
    iknow that sounds ridiculous but it is true

    so you must be talking to me now, eh?

    welcome "back"

    hi bob

  20. hi suzy
    you are way better than me if somebody being pissed at you can be a good thing.
    i'm a little disappointed the two of you deleted your thoughts.....
    things were starting to get interesting

    thanks for all your lovely words of support.
    we really do have a great gang and where would we be without you?



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