Thursday, 16 July 2009

being tired and cranky as i have been lately isnt a good thing. worse for the people around me than for me i think, but what a wonder it has done for my blogging! if you all can manage to listen to my carping and moaning, that is.
the only way i can really deal with an extreme emotion, good or bad, is to find the words to tell the story and find words i will because if i dont i will burn until i do.
in good times happy, often nonsensical words will spill out of me and i will talk so fast that my tongue and my brain lose each other but i fear that if i go slower my joy will be diluted. in bad times i still talk fast, endeavouring to spill the poison from my mind before it can hurt me. it's a dangerous thing because i might spill the poison on somebody special but hopefully i am becoming a bit wiser about that....
anyhow, i got tired and i got angry and i remembered how to use words. now that i remember it shouldnt take too long to find some happy nonsense.......


  1. Kylie,
    You have my email address, and I think we may be soul sisters. So if you ever feel the need to just bare your soul to someone that understands and will listen, Please do not hesitate.

  2. You didn't add that you talk LOUD too :)

  3. I get into a talk cycle when I'm angry and out of sorts too. I don't like the feeling at all--that out-of-control talking.

    I always hope my family forgives me--I guess they do.

  4. NA, be kind to your mum. She talks LOUD so that your young ears will understand.

  5. leah,
    out of control talking can be such a bad thing, cant it? hopefully i'm getting more controlled on the content but i like to let fly on the delivery :)

  6. Out of control talking can be a bad thing. I've been off blogging for a few days and have to figure out if Leah's really pissed at me. It's not that I talk too fast or too loud, it's just that I talk!!!

    You and Cece are soul sisters. I know you both. Trust me. You're soul sisters.

    I love you darling.



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