Friday, 17 July 2009

it's a mystery

earlier this year i developed a dislike of all my shirts, now i just don't have a lipstick i love. unlike shirts though, it is possible to blend lipsticks to make something new


  1. Oooh I do that too, I get bored with the same colour so I swirl them about on the back of my hand to make a new one! The only problem is you can't reapply it later...hmm..

  2. it's a lucky dip every time!

  3. Some days I can't decide which shirt I want to wear. I never have a problem deciding about lipstick though.

  4. Cece,

    Na's comments are easily explained in relation to Kylie.

    You see, they are sisters.

  5. Oh, I thought NA was kylies son Nathan. Don't you have a son named Nathan?

    I have established a new love affair of lip gloss.

  6. *Draws a bright red smiley face on Bob's pregmant belly*

    See what I did there? PregMant?

    *tumbleweed blows past* :D

  7. no nathan, a keaghan and a liam

  8. I can't use just one lipstick. Ever. I always have two workin'.

    My favourite shirt came out of the wash yesterday with a great big hole in it. Mourning it now...


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