Saturday, 18 July 2009

the latest obsession is baking



  1. Oh yum indeed! You are good mum doing all this with your children. (I suppose I used to do it too). It does tend to be an infrequent activity with me now!

  2. Oh YUM!!! I was going to make some muffins with mine next week... they look scrummy...and yay, your house looks like mine! (ie no floor to ceiling shiny surfaces ;) )

  3. cinnamon,
    they are getting quite talented at doing it all alone. mum does the shopping though :)

    last week i spent $40 on ingredients for baking! it's cheaper than a day out of course so no big deal but all the same i got a bit of a shock.

    i used to enjoy baking but these days i only seem to do the washing up.......


  4. Kylie- love the avatar!! This back-of-the-head thing is catching on! Have you seen Walking Man's pony tail- it's cool:)

    Come on Suzanne, I'd like to see your ponytail through that pink baseball cap of yours!

    Washing up..hate it. I got quite excited when YT got a Saturday job in a hotel kitchen and learned to wash up...but he only demonstrated once in my kitchen.

    He's been offered some holiday work in the bakery he did his work experience in- so maybe he will make some pasties for tea one day. He tells me he has a neat 'crimp'!

  5. a neat crimp is a good thing on a pastie!
    we have a chain bakery here called bakers delight, their stuff is way above the average and they employ a lot of young people. i have dreams of my kids working there and bringing the leftovers home :)

    i copied yur look,l i guess it lacks originality but you know....

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  6. I posted a brilliant comment here. Where the hell is it? I am not amused.

  7. Brilliant!

    Ta Dah! Here 'tis!


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