Sunday, 19 July 2009

my favourite monkey

i cant chat now, i'm going to see who wins masterchef!


  1. Well?...Who won? I hope it wasn't a monkey based dish...that's be a bummer.

  2. it wasnt a monkey based dish, although he is delicious too (can a mother say that?)

    welcome walking man

  3. Your son is absolutely gorgeous. Look what you created! That beautiful soul. When you ask yourself was the pain all worth it (in more ways than one) I think you should reply "YES!!!" I do baby. Your kids are terrific.

    And The Walking Man. I will have to visit. Look. A braid. This back hair photo thing is hilarious. Yes, I'll get mine up!

    Love you so much Kyles.

  4. Dear Kyles,
    Hope you had a great weekend..
    this photo reminds me of my youngest brother.. he is a cricket captain for his college team..
    yes, i like this back hair photo thing too.. please check out my blog and say what do you think? :)
    I ♥ your hair..
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  5. Hi from me, too! I don't know who the candidates were, but since Julie got an exclamation point, does that mean you are glad?

    I'm glad if you are!!!!

  6. suzy
    it was and continues to be all worth it.....
    and he must be good cos he had me in labour for 35 hours, stitches, bruising, forceps, you name it!


  7. hi bindi!
    i saw your hair, it's great!


  8. yeah, megan, i'm glad julie got it but the exclamation was probably just because i was happy to see it finish. it was such a nail biter.
    ever since she won there have been reports that it was rigged and so on.....
    more drama than the show!

    still mourning the shirt?


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