Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Charity begins at home

I got some mail from the dog pound today, it was slightly panic inducing, as you will come to understand. As it turns out, I didn't need to worry.
It reads:
Dear Ms T
In 2006 you were caring enough to adopt an abandoned or lost dog or cat, who we hope is still with you today..........
(actually, I got him in 1997 but anyway.....)

What, they don't know?
they don't remember when I went, grizzly baby on hip, to pick up a newly emasculated Taff and he was overjoyed so that he wrapped his lead around my legs and I ended up in the gutter?

They don't remember the Saturday afternoon I arrived at the pound soon after him and I emptied my wallet to bail him out five minutes before closing, desperately hoping I had enough or else he would be stuck overnight and I would have to pay the $50 for overnight boarding?

They don't remember the time a few years back when he took off and I was searching frantically while he had been taken to the local vets for safe keeping? when his registration had run out and he wasn't microchipped and I had to pay for after hours impounding because the vet needed to go home and the dog catcher had to pick him up after hours and then he was impounded overnight, while I worried about a black dog running around on dark roads?

They don't remember that?
That would have been the 2006 date referred to in the letter and it probably would have been cheaper to pretend I didn't know him and buy him all over again.

They don't remember the time, just a few weeks back, when my Dad took the call (not for the first time) about my delinquent dog, picked him up and paid the fine because I was snowed under?

Yes, Sydney Dog & Cat home, we still have him but your soulless concrete kennel with wonderful staff is his second home.


  1. LOL!!! Your dog sounds wicked! Never a dull moment eh.

    How could they forget the pair of you? ;)

  2. OH MY GOD THAT'S TOO FUNNY!!!! T-Bone is such a good dog. Such a good, good dog!!! Never does anything wrong but run in the garden and pretend he doesn't hear me when I call. Yup, that's about it!!! And I get pissed at that? Nope. Not any more!!!! Leave the side gate open and what's he do? Sits at the front door and waits for me to open it to let him in!!! Swear to God!!! I really have to relax because your dog would make me nutty! What a rascal. And yes, bailing him out is more expensive than just adopting him again! Oh my God this post is killing me. Oh I hope Leah and Cece read this. You know them and their dogs. Damn, this is funny woman!!!

    I've come to alert you I've posted (hallelujah!). It's the back of the head photo. What a hoot. Cinnamon better get her fancy pants over there and notice. I wasn't able to put it on my Avatar. Honey, how do you do that. I forgot.

    Love you darling. This is such a great post. You're the best.


    P.S. Hi Abi!!! Come visit!

  3. Ha- yes, love doesn't come cheap. Love your dog Kylie, missing mine now..

    Good on ya for caring so much.

  4. abi
    he is wicked! but who could resist that face?
    and no, never a dull moment. i thought things would calm down as the kids grew up but it seems i was wrong :)

  5. suzy,
    the taffster is really a very good dog, it's just t hat he LOVES company and he will seek it out. he also LOVES adventure.
    those arent the only times he has gone for a run, i have picked him up from a more distant pound, where they thought he was so adorable and he got in the dog catchers van so happily that i didnt have to pay a dime.
    i have got him from the high school, the primary school, many many kind samaritans, the train station.....
    his latest fave is a pharmacy a suburb away. the lady there likes him and he has been there twice!


  6. cinnamon,
    would you like to borrow a black lab x kelpie?


  7. To those in countries far from Australia.

    Another pertinent fact about Kylie's dog is that he is heavily in possession of the Kelpie attributes ie endless energy, herding intincts mainly for sheep.
    They are capable of running across the backs of sheep in the process of droving and herding. They are a special Australian dog bred to fufill a great need in Australian sheep grazing history.

    Although Taffy is probably 50% Labrador the Kelpie part seems 50% plus.
    Cheers all.

  8. That dog sounds like a child after my own heart!
    Bonus! A picture with personality!

  9. That's pretty funny. He's pretty cute.


  10. I love this post!

    He's gorgeous!

    I need a dog...
    boooooo hoooooo....

  11. merely me
    and a wonderful heart he has!

  12. megs,
    he does manage to be quite cute. it's lucky or i might kill 'im :)

  13. leah,
    thankyou. i think he's pretty special too
    i'm sure you'll get a pooch to pamper when the time is right and i'll want to hear all about it!


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