Thursday, 23 July 2009

precious precious

right now i am busily getting ready for the birthday celebration of a lifetime! the girls turn eleven tomorrow and on saturday we will have a party in the park.
this is the precious pair, taken just this sunday on a little mum & girls trip out. we went to a nice little restaurant right on the promenade at maroubra beach. we shared a dessert platter with creme brulee, sticky date pudding & caramel sauce, handmade icecream and chocolate mud cake.
a walk along the beach and a play on the play equipment completed the fun part before we headed to the supermarket and home

miss "tomboy" caitlin

miss "princess" briony


  1. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Girls!

  2. Have a great day for your birthday girls!!!
    How many partygoers are there coming? Having twins does this mean you have twice as many guests at the party?

  3. Happy birthday!!!

    They are beautiful!

    (Also, yum, I want a dessert platter!)

  4. What Megan and Bob said!
    What a fun age!!!

  5. Kia ora Kylie,
    Beautiful! Please accept my finest birthday wishes from Aotearoa, which is connected to these beautiful girls. Have a great party!!

  6. They're beautiful. Just like you. Kylie, you know how much I love you and the fact you births these two just amazes me. No really, I'm in awe!!! They're so special. When'd you find time?

    Happy Birthday kids!!!


  7. Have a great day with the Birthday Girls!
    11 years ago eh? Doesn't time fly?

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet daughters! That is a milestone age, I remember it well. They really are just beautiful!

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!!
    have a great time with your girls...
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  10. They're beautiful, like their mum!

    Happy Birthday to all,

    Let the good times roll,

    Love, M

  11. megs,
    i asked them how i should reply to you, they shrugged and asked where their present is.
    teen attitude at 11 :)

  12. jo
    the number of partygoers is still fluid but maybe 15?
    they share some friends so there probably arent twice the guests

    it's hard to say what will happen but it will be ok

  13. abi
    next time you're in sydney we'll get a dessert platter :)

  14. bob
    i'm not sure if a group of tween girls is a party or a purgatory !

  15. merely me
    it is a good age. they are turning into lovely young women

    i feel odd talking to a dog

  16. kia ora robb!
    i'll thank you on the girl's behalf!
    have a lovely weekend

  17. well suzy,
    i found time because they couldnt stay in there!
    it was a short labour and i recovered very very well so i was back in action (not "action") immediately

  18. suzy
    did you like the photos?
    i thought they were pretty good. i have to be brave to take unsmiling pics

  19. cinnamon,
    yes! time flies
    whatever happened to those tiny premmies?

  20. thanks leah!
    how i got them i'd never know....

  21. bindi
    that long plait with the pink shirt is stunning!
    we had a nice day today, nothing extra special, and tomorrow should be a bit of fun


  22. big M
    flattery will get you everywhere!
    perhaps not with the girls, they're shrewd customers but i'm a soft touch!

    glad to see you are enjoying life

  23. You know darling, it's funny you ask. You know how I look at life, art, photography, kids. The very first thing I noticed was they weren't smiling. Why? Because it's a special day and I notice stuff like that. But then I tried placing myself in their flip flops. Why? Because some times kids can be moody. Nothing wrong with that. That's perfectly okay. It's still an amazing day and you should remain a very proud mom for what you birthed. Twice!!! Even without smiles. Kids are kids. That never changes!!! I love the fact you took the girls out and enjoyed the day. You're a wonderful mom Kylie. You put my mom to shame!!! We were given a box of chocolate stuff, some eggs, oil and water and baked our own damn cake and loved it!!! Times were different.

    Thanks for asking baby. I think it's all just fine. You're a greast mum and I'd adopt you in a second. You're girls are so lucky to have you. Let's wait to see what happens on their 16th!!! HA!!! They better smile or Aunt Suzy's comin' to Aussie Land.

    I love you so darling. I really do. This is a beautiful post. And darling, your kids are so beautiful.


  24. Yes, I know...great is spelled great.

    *Suze rolls eyes in head.*

  25. I have no idea what to get an 11 year old girl. But I will think about it. I'm about to have two weeks of time to do a lot of thinking. Maybe I can walk to the post office while I think? I wonder if I can still walk and think at the same time?

  26. Hi Special,

    Wish the girls a happy birthday from me, the distant one is the UK.
    Sorry for being distant - I don't mean to....

    love ya hun,
    Peej xxx

  27. suzy,
    i was catching them when they were looking at something other than the camera, so i wouldnt expect them to smile.
    they also like to make cakes but they are quite competent so i leave them to it, if i take them out i might get to hear abit about their lives

    right now i'm all caked out!


  28. megan,
    you on holiday soon? i hope so.
    can you walk & think? i'd expect so

    this pair have more than enough "stuff". i dont think we could fit another bit of pre-teen clutter in this house

  29. pete!
    the girls vaguely remember when i used to talk about PJ

    just kidding, miss you babe but happy youre happy


  30. Woof! My name is actually Molly. I need to update the photo thing as now my kid is more precious than the pooch. I actually have a "before" hair shot from a few weeks before the back of the head shots started....not working on it though.
    I like the, "Merely Me" thing though. Charlie is the dog! Woof Woof!


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