Tuesday, 28 July 2009

so, chocolate cereal is pretty much banned in this place but sometimes i get tired of harassing and haranging people to eat breakfast and i decide to take advantage of the this-will-be-eaten-guarantee which comes with everything chocolate.
yesterday the 750 gram box of cereal is brought home from the supermarket and immediately there is an argument as to who will eat most of it.
then, can you believe it, i get the scales out!! no.1 son says he doesnt need chocolate cereal so the maths is easy and i measure 250 grams in to each of three named bags.
each child gets 250 grams of the wondrous stuff. it can be eaten over two days or five or one or ten
i dont care, just as long as they stop arguing!!!

what crazy stuff have you done to avoid a fight??


  1. Love is the answer. It is said we are what we eat and say. We are what we choose to believe and waht emotions we choose to feel and express. Connect with you through Maithri's blog. Great to connect with another area of Oz. May today enrich your soul.

  2. I never used to give my boys the same. I could never afford to buy 2 pairs of shoes at once, for example, so I used to say to them 'I will buy for you as you need'. So for a while they trusted this and were quite relaxed when one got a new this or the other got a new that. Seemed to avoid fights for a while.

    Not so sure now that it was a good philosophy, as they are arch rivals now.

  3. I had almost exactly the same conundrum over Frosties this morning, there just wasn't enough cereal enough for all three to have a bowl....so everyone got a teeny tiny bowlful and a slice of toast.

    I've done some very weird things to break up fights! I've been known to slice chocolate bars into threes with a kitchen knife so they can all have a bit of the same type....lol

  4. hi liara
    love may well be the ansew but the practical outworking of said love can be a challenge!
    M is a sweetie, eh?

    God bless

  5. hi cinamon,
    the kids are happy to have clothes, shoes, etc as needed but chocolate cereal? a different story :)
    teenage boys are programmed to be rivals, arent they? you did good!


  6. abs!
    what amazes me is that the girls are ELEVEN and i'm still cutting chocolate bars and weighing crisps...


  7. Ok are they coco pops?

    Cos I love Coco pops!!!... tried the coco rocks business...but yeah im still all about the pops...

    Lotsa love,


  8. You know, we never have cereal? Liam never liked it...

  9. hi bob!
    what do you eat for brekkie?

  10. big M
    this time it's the aldi chocolate pillows. they're filled with some nutella-ish goo. i'll make sure i get coco pops for you when you visit!


  11. megs
    yeah, my lot arent great on cereal either, hence the chocolate bribery :)
    what does liam eat for breakfast?
    and you for that matter?

  12. I don't eat breakfast that often... usually just coffee.

  13. i'm gasping in shock, bob!
    bad bad bad

    join the club

  14. Hi Kylie,

    I've done some really silly things to avoid a fight. Wish they all could have worked too, but you know. 250 grams of breakfast cereal is prolly the perfect size for something that is healthy and good for you, but it can't be nearly enough for the decadent, sugary and fun to eat cereals! I think back on all the times I've eaten handfuls of sugar pops and things like that right out of the box. Oh my, so many calories.

    Best wishes,


  15. Pockets of nutella?!

    We call it poonella here...

    I think I need to get to Lidl! Stat!

  16. abi and skeeter!
    people after my own sugar-and-chocolate-loving-heart :)

    come here anytime, friends!


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