Thursday, 30 July 2009

well, i have spent a good part of this week thinking about my habits and now you get to read the list so far
  • i always sit in the same chair in the work lunchroom
  • and in the same place at the table at home
  • start the day with coffee
  • sit on the left side at church
  • i take the same route to and from the saltmine every day

i have some useful habits:

  • cleaning my teeth
  • showering

help me out here..................................

also, quote of the day:

"why do pillowcases get pocket fluff?......and where does pocket fluff come from?"

the boy is a genius


  1. Happy Photo there - very serene.
    Strange habit of mine - I read it on somebody's blog last year and now am obsessed with counting how many swipes of deodorant I use on each underarm and which arm I start with!

  2. oh no! i'll never use deodorant again without counting.....

  3. by the way, is there an optimal number?

  4. I eat at my desk. I really shouldn't, but I do.

  5. I hunch over my laptop till my neck feels all frizzly.

  6. Don't tell me that's your kitchen Kylie- i am so jealous- it is so tidy! Aaargh- you put me to shame.

    My bad habit is (shhh) not doing the housework, but blogging instead!

  7. cinnamon,
    that is soooooo NOT my kitchen. it looks like the lunchroom at work!

    that is so funny :)

  8. megs and leah,
    i'm not ignoring you but i'm at work and i'm not blogging.

    cant you tell?

  9. Dear Kylie,
    Hope you having a good day..
    do i have a habit? i have to sit and think.. but where i can find some time.. once i get my little ones to sleep, I'll be online.
    oh yes, walking.. I can't stay home all day.. then my days start with tea.. that is a comfort not a habit :)
    love you dear


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