Saturday, 22 August 2009


i'm trying to move on

and it is keaghan's birthday

so i'm making ANZAC day cake. it has never been made in this house before and it has been long awaited after our first curious look at the recipe over a month ago!

125g butter

250g golden syrup

6 eggs

120g self raising flour

120g rolled oats

150g dessicated coconut

80g icing sugar

1/4 cup rum

1/4 cup caster sugar

  • preheat oven to 170 degrees C. grease a 20cm round cake tin
  • melt butter and golden syrup over low heat, set aside to cool slightly then beat in eggs
  • combine flour, oats, icing sugar and coconut in a bowl
  • stir in butter mixture
  • spoon into prepared tin and bake for 20 - 25 mins
  • combine rum & cater sugar, bring to boil and simmer 5 minutes
  • pour over cake and serve with whipped cream

i'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Happy Birhtday to Keaghan. Anzac cake looks interesting. I am at the moment eating my birthday cake i bought on thursday. I actually forgot to serve it on thursday after dinner and woke up friday morning remembering we didn't have the cake. I thought Helen might have remembered but she didn't.
    Helen is doing the 40 hour famine at the moment and can't eat untill tomorrow lunchtime. She started at 8 o'clock last night.

  2. hi jo
    what kind of cake is it?
    i cant imagine i could ever forget cake! you must be less of a sweet tooth than me.
    i remember doing 40hour famine once when i was about helens age. i cant imagine doing it now.

    good job helen, you go girl!

  3. hey jo,
    i sent you an email for your birthday, i hope you got it?

  4. That sounds delicious. Happy Birthday, boy!

  5. Oh my apologies kylie ,thanks for the email it was really cute.
    The cake was a $4.oo sponge i bought at coles.
    Helen is about to go to the movies with a guy who has free ticket. He is 19 years old A bit of a worry about going out with someone 3 years older but we have met him. He came to see Helen play at the massed bands concert a couple of weekends ago. She will be getting something to eat at midday as that when she stops the 40 hour famine.

  6. Ahhh! Kylie! You speak of sugar and yum yums! Answers please to your American audience...
    what is golden syrup?

    I figured out caster sugar is superfine, and icing sugar is powdered sugar...

    I have the best baking book - cake your cake & eat it too! by Tamara Milstein (North Victoria)

    Maybe I should find a "get well" cake for Suze?

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful baby!

  7. Happy Birhtday to Keaghan.
    he looks happy with that yummy cake :)
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  8. megs,
    i always call him "boy"
    i call both of them boy......or "child"

  9. jo,
    i suppose there is a world of difference between a 19 and a 16 year old....
    when i was 18 i went out with a 25 year old! i think of it now and wonder what i would say if it was my child!

  10. merely me,
    i have heard golden syrup described as the aussie version of maple syrup but i think maple is thinner
    golden syrup is like treacle but with a lighter colour and flavour

    we could probably spend quite a while thinking of get well cakes, any reason for cake!!

  11. bindi
    he seemed happy. everyone but me liked the cake. i didnt cook it quite enough and it was a bit too sweet. i enjoyed trying it though

    lots of love

  12. Nice cake. I hope it tasted better than the performace review.

  13. Happy Birthday Keaghan!

    "Keaghan, look honey, all my friends are here for my Get Well party. Is there room at the table for us?"

    I LOVE CAKE! Kylie, that looks good with a nice cup of tea or coffee. I'm hungry. Megan, darling, I hope you're busy baking. :) You little thoughtful sweetie you.

    I hope Helen's eaten by now.

    Hi Jo!
    Hi Megan!
    Hi Merelyme!
    Hi Bindi!
    Hi Bob!
    Hi Cece!

    XO Kylie! Thanks for keeping me company this afternoon. You're a great friend. And, just so you know, I kept my foot elevated the whole time! :)

    Love to all

  14. Someone only got half a hug.


  15. cece
    nearly anything would taste better than that review!


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