Monday, 24 August 2009

tonight no. 1 son will be involved in a concert at the opera house. today he had to attend school in the morning and then travel by train to a different campus and meet up with the rest of his group for the afternoon's rehearsals. he happened to forget his hat so i drove over to the school to meet him as he switched campuses. when he arrived at the 9ft gate it was padlocked and he was going to have to find another way out.

what i can't understand is this: only two boys from his school were attending the concert and i thought that the school should be proud to be represented, don't you think it would have been nice to have gate unlocked for them? and just maybe a lift to the other campus?

i think sometimes adults forget to be properly considerate of young people. we have our comfortable lives with drivers licences and keys to anything we might want to access and so on....
i have seen this type of thing happen before


  1. Just been catching up on your posts. Sorry to hear about your PR- what do they know anyway? Hope you are feeling better about it now.

    The Anzac cake looks scrummy-yummy- I bet it didn't last long. BTW I told my nephew about your son's comments re the MegaBattle Droid and he was very pleased!

    As for the way adults treat children- i suppose we are all so full of ourselves that sometimes we forget to see children as people who deserve respect. Children are said to have greater 'power' than ever before in history with their 'rights' enshrined in law now- but that is different, I think, to our cultural perceptions of children. In UK we are still living under the Victorian 'be seen and not heard' legacy. Go to Spain or Portugal or Italy- and children are celebrated. You would not think of finding a babysitter while you go out to an evening dinner- you take all your children with you!

  2. Kia ora Kylie,
    And we wonder sometimes why kids lose interest in participating in things.

  3. PS - I am still thinking about your web-breaker challenge...

  4. cinnamon,
    i didnt like the review, it's not nice to be told about ones shortcomings and it wasnt told me in a way that was good to hear but so long as i learn....

    the cake was good but there are others i like better

    i'm glad you understood my post about children. i cant put words to this very well at this stage. it's true that children have more rights than ever but we have a way to go if we are to treat them as equals

    as for the habit web, i havent changed a whole lot but i think that even thinking about it is a step forward. i have done a fair bit of thinking and i'm happy enough with what i see in my habits and just knowing that i have considered it is ok

    i have been drinking a bit less coffee :)

  5. robb,
    at the risk of repeating what i said to cinnamon, i struggled to get words for this but you obviously get it!
    boys of 14 are probably at the most difficult age to keep engaged with school and so on, it would make sense to try to reduce the annoyance factor!
    that kind of unneccessary hassle can make all the difference between whether there is or is not a "next time"


  6. that sucks...really people a little more consideration! good point ruah...


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