Wednesday, 26 August 2009

after a short suspension i head back to work today. i will not be laughing too much but i will be excited to be there.
just in case things dont go well i'm wearing my sexiest pants. at least i'll be sure my bum doesnt look big.


  1. I took Photography 1 at UCLA. I was asked about Utopia. I said I did not believe in Utopia. The class went hush. No really. It did. My friend winked at me from across the room encouraging me to "play along." I refused. I would not play along. I don't believe in Utopia. I don't. Life is life.

  2. What! have I missed something? Suspension? Is this because you are not 'excited enough' about work?? Don't let the B...s get you down!

  3. yes, suze, life is life

    if we expect utopia we are kidding

    but in my better moments i believe in aiming for the closest we can get!

  4. cinnamon,
    they called it "time off to think"
    that equals suspension to me!

    today went well though. i was very happy all up

    life goes on......

  5. kylie - this just doesn't sound good. sounds like they are setting you up to dismiss you and they are documenting everything. They are probably the ones with the bum so big as there might be heads there!
    Peace at you and keep your head high!


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