Wednesday, 26 August 2009

do i know you?

in the course of conversation today i said " i dont know him very well"

which got me to wondering, when do we know somebody well?

is it:
when i know how they vote?
when i know their favourite foods?
when i have some success at predicting their behaviour?
is it when i feel as if i know them well?
or when we are comfortable together?

all of the above?
or something else entirely?


  1. I'd say it's when you can predict their behaviour, because that means you know enough about them to have some idea how their mind and emotions work. I think it's also when you've gone through a few significant experiences together and have helped each other and shared something intimate.

    I wouldn't say being comfortable together is the key. You can feel comfortable with someone you don't know at all, simply because you have a similar temperament.

  2. Only God knows the heart of man.

  3. When you know what color underwear they are wearing.

  4. I had something to say but now I'm just laughing at Bob's comment so I'll be back.

    Need more coffee!

  5. I wouldn't have said you were a pink person- so I don't really know you at all, lol.

    I think Nick has said it really. I was thinking on similar lines today.

    How much do we try to get to know someone well? Don't we always build our little fences and keep a certain distance? Because knowing someone well means getting involved in their life- and how much of ourselves can we keep on giving out without burning ourselves out?

  6. Hummmmmmmmmmm. That is a very interesting question. I agree with Dad, but think he should have said man/woman. "Hi Dad!"

    Do you ever really know anyone other than yourself?

    Great post as always Kyles.

    Love you,

  7. nick,
    i think you are right but i just had to throw in a few options :)

  8. dad,
    God knows the heart of man but sometimes people can get pretty close!

  9. bob
    what would happen if i knew what colour you were wearing?

  10. megs!
    he has a tendency to make everything a joke. he's clever like that, keeping us laughing and revealing little :)

  11. cinnamon,
    i'm not really a pink person but sometimes i like a little. and no-one can see it, except if my pants fall down a bit, which they do at times.......
    and now you know all about my clothing malfunctions!

  12. oh and cinnamon,
    the second part of your comment was interesting. i will have to think on it

  13. suze,
    sometimes we dont know ourselves at all :)

  14. megs!
    he has a tendency to make everything a joke. he's clever like that, keeping us laughing and revealing little

    That's me... funny and funny looking

  15. oh my! too much here!!!
    see if you can follow my brain spill...
    baby or fuschia?
    yes! kind of like that trailer thing in front of just bob's!!! exactly. you sound so honest. genuine.
    also like suze says but only the honest ones...otherwise you never really do.
    it's brilliant bob and funny bob - not that other stuff.

    ...and to think some people say a.d.d. - I just don't get why?!

  16. I'm back, and since I'm home from work and in my jammies, I have no underwear color to report.

    I suppose it depends on your definition of "well" in this scenario. I have friends that I know quite well (I think!) but sometimes the most normal details of their lives have the power to surprise me.

    Anyone here watch Friends? A lot of silly stuff on that show, but I will always remember the episode with the trivia questions. When asked what Chandler did for a living, none of the girls knew the answer. Does that mean they didn't "know" him? That's a pretty big thing not to know the answer to, wouldn't you think? And yet, somehow, it wasn't.

    Interesting question Kylie. I'll be thinking about it...

  17. That is truly a good question that needs some thinking from my part, maybe when you feel safe and relaxed with some one...

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  18. Well, Cinnamon has a good point too about not wanting to get too involved in other people's lives when we've got plenty of involvements already. We only have so much energy to give, and unfortunately some people turn out to be sponges rather than watering cans.

  19. I'm on my way to the park, but had to stop by to get Miathri's blog address for my darling doctors and techs at Kaiser. I'm on my way there after feeding the ferals because my cast got wet and won't dry. Brand new cast on Monday and it's already being removed!!! I'm trying to decide between neon pink or neon purple. Hummmmmmmmmm. A dilemma. Yes honey, it's the simple stuff that trips me up!!! Oh, and kitties.

    *Suze walks away muttering "I know myself, I know myself, I know myself...* Cross your fingers I see my doctor in the hallway!!! Kyles...I think I'm in love.

    XO Happy Friday baby!

  20. Kyles, I spelled Maithri wrong. He'll never notice. He doesn't read my crap!!! Zip your lips!!!

    Bob, knock it off. HI HONEY!! You know I went through hell all night with my ankle, but you know what? This morning I have NO PAIN!!! Don't even ask why because I have no clue. I'm just enjoying myself for the first time in almost two weeks. Cross your fingers this doesn't end. I'm late for the park. Gotta go. Yes, I still go to the park every day. I know. Crazy.


  21. Kylie,

    You're killing me. Bras, bras, bras.


  22. Like I wrote earlier...

    That's me, funny and funny looking.


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