Friday, 28 August 2009

rounding off the week or out damned spot

for some reason i am narcissistic enough to believe that you want to know this stuff: i had an ok week. i might be back on the bosses good sides, or at least back on steadier ground.
i worked vey hard and i have a cold so i am pretty well stuffed right now and looking forward to a good nights kip before the taffster goes to hospital tomorrow. he has a skin tumour which is driving him nutty, he bites and licks at it....he is fasting now, the poor dear, ready for surgery tomorrow. the vet told me he is at increased risk due to his advanced age. "i dont think of him as old", i said, to be told that at twelve he is past his expected life of 9-11 years!
we got thai take-away tonight. it was a lucky dip because we ended up with somebody else's food. followed that up with "Vicky Christina Barcelona" i loved it


  1. Yay weekend! Good luck at the vet.

  2. Course we want to know! Glad you had a better week- hope the taffster's surgery goes ok :)

  3. I'm glad you had an okay week! Of course we want to know "this stuff."

  4. thanks guys!
    dont encourage me or i'll start talking about the chores i have to do!

  5. Hi Kylie,
    Just got home from having my first mammogram done. It was okay after people telling me it would be painful it wasn't. Hope the taffster wil be ok.
    We have collected our tickets for Sydney and is starting to become a reality that we are going. (A piece of paper now not real tickets like it used to be) I have pulled out the suitcases and dusted them off.
    It is pouring rain here. I see you are having 28 degrees today. Lucky you.

  6. Dear Kyles,
    Hope you having a beautiful weekend.
    so happy to hear you had a good week.
    good luck at the vet...
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  7. Twelve years old? Must be a very pampered and healthy cat (well, up to now, that is). Hope he pulls through.

  8. hi jo!
    i cant say i look forward to a mammogram :)
    glad it went well

    i dont know if it made 28 today but it might have. it was 23 at 6pm
    it was a gorgeous day after the cloud lifted

    taffy's surgery went well but he is very wobbly and pathetic right now. i have never seen him like that before

    have a nice day tomorrow

  9. bindi!
    i see your week was busy and maybe a little bit upsetting. i hope everything goes well next week :)


  10. nick,
    taff is a can find a picture of him if you click on his label in the list. he has never been pampered but he is well loved in a subtle kind of way and going well for his age

    have a good weekend!


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