Saturday, 29 August 2009

It's been a funny day. It started quite overcast and I took the taffster to the vets. He had naughtily tried to break his fast by snuffling in the bin but I think I caught him before he got anything.
Then I went to the local mega-mall determined to spend a $50 book voucher I got for my birthday 4 months ago.
Where to begin? The bargain tables had plenty on offer and I might have got 6 or 7 books for that money but I kept wandering, looked at childrens books keeping in mind my older nieces, then kept going to the cook books. I especially take note of the "one pot" books and the slow cooking books. There were some beautiful books with luscious photos and beautiful printing on lust-worthy papers and I lingered long in the cooking section but finally decided to move on. Penguin classics caught my eye and I was quietly pleased that I have actually read some good literature before my days of quick bites from newspapers and magazines. Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird, Around the world in Eighty days, Seven Little Australians and Love in the time of Cholera have all passed through my hands, albeit long ago.
A final decision to go for a bit of everything saw me choose Sartre so I can say I have read him (The age of Reason); "Shantaram", a 900 odd page novel by an Australian and to satisfy my hunger for crime: "Celluloid Serial Killers- the real monsters behind the movies".
I went to get coffee and doughnuts and was sitting quietly with them when an old fella came along and very enthusiastically used his newspaper to flick away invisible crumbs from the long communal table. I don't normally worry too much about anything I see in public spaces but this guy got me quite offended. He was flicking the perceived dirt all over everyone else at the table and his disregard made me see red. It's not like the "dirt" bothered me, I just sit and eat, paying scant regard to others' crumbs but his aggressive carry on annoyed me out of all proportion. (didya notice???)
I came home soon after that, did a few things and sneaked a long browse through my serial killer book. It's fascinating in it's horror.
An errand or two and a coffee with Mum & Dad saw out the rest of the time before going to collect our Taff. He is not the dog I know right now, he is wobbly and sleepy and won't eat but he impressed the vet with his co-operation and the nurse with his cuteness and he is showing his indomitable spirit.
So, there you have my day. I'm off to do some cleaning up, make a cuppa, read a little and generally be a domestic goddess.
You have fun, y'all


  1. My day was hard and now I'm about to start a new one. I'm hoping for a wee bit of improvement! PLEASE DEAR GOD!!!!

    Your love of crime stories never ceases to amaze me. You and Leah were separated at birth apparently. You know, you two would be Rob's perfect assistants/partners. All that murder and mayhem, blood and gore. A match made in Heaven.

    One pot dinners. You didn't buy that? You nuts!!! Think of all the time you could save with a crock pot. *Suze shakes head in absolute disbelief.* My younger sister (the teacher) lives on crock pot cooking and loves it. Seriously, I don't think the woman can cook a regular meal!!! And the nice think about crock pot dishes is the kids can get involved and have a wonderful experience. It's safe, they just throw stuff in and at the end of the day, voila, it's cooked!!! Puff!!! Magic!!!

    I was at the market today and while standing in line looked at two magazine. One was about simple Italian meals (my favorite) and the other was about one pot cooking (my favorite!). I saw so many amazing recipes. I need a crock pot. I also need those magazines. I'll ease them into my budget.

    I love you darling. Happy Sunday. It's Saturday here and should be a lovely day. I'm going to make Irish shortbread today. I'll save a huge piece for you. We'll have it with Irish Breakfast Tea at lunch!!! Ha! Yes, I'm a food snob. I like things very fresh and very simple. I could buy shortbread cookies in the store, but who knows what kind of butter is used! No, I'm not kidding. It's so simple, flour, butter and sugar. You want my recipe? Even the kids could make them!

    Do you have a good scone recipe? My favorite is made with heavy cream, but who can live on scones made with heavy cream. I'd much rather have a "light" scone with amazing taste. Can you help?

    Love you. XO

    Oh, and I'm about to email my phone number. I dreamed of hearing your voice tonight. I woke smiling. How funny.

    Hugs, big hugs to the Taffster.

  2. With the exception of the visit to the vet's, sounds like many a day I've had( oh to just while away time in a book store! ) We've the rain back for now so good day to get in some mystery reading, yes? Cheers!

  3. hey suzie,
    my nose is dripping, lucky youre not here cos i'm prolly infectious!

    yes, i love my crime and i LOVE forensics. loved forensics before it was fashionable. once long ago i had a really cool college teacher called peter who took the class to the main sydney morgue for a meeting of forensic people (some association or something) the lecture that night was about document examination. i loved it. peter was the best, the class was the best except for the very weird janet......

    nope, i didnt buy any of the cook books cos the truth is that if i decide to try a new recipe it is usually from a magazine. or i think of a well known dish then look for a recipe on the net. anyway, i couldnt decide which one to get and when i cant decide i usually walk away.

    i have a crock pot, you know. i dont use it often enough but i do use it and i really like it.

    i dont make scones so dont ask me about them. shortbread is yummier anyhow. the girls would love to try making it. they love to bake.

    taff is doing better. when he heard me washing up he struggled to the kitchen and collapsed when his legs splayed out on the slippery floor but he was at his post as usual, waiting for scraps. he finished off a little fish soup and i grinned madly. he hasnt tried pulling his stitches so he doesnt need the funny collar (yet)
    he should look better in the morning

    i look forward to getting your number buy you neednt look forward to my loudness :)

    have a great day, it can only get better :)

  4. subby!
    sounds like a fantastic day for mystery reading.
    now tell me what you will eat & drink as you read?

    have a great day

  5. vigorously swipes away the Irish shortbread and scone crumbs from Kylie's blog...

  6. Well, if the old fella's found dead in a pool of blood now we'll know who to alert the police to. A certain connoiseur of books about serial killers....

  7. Hi Kylie!
    Hi Suze!
    Hi Subby!
    Hi Bob!
    Hi Nick!

    Glad you found some books for yourself. *plugs in hoover and starts on the crumbs Bob just vigorously flicked onto the floor*

    I'm with Suze on the crock pot cooking. So easy! -but you don't need a recipe book for it.

    You've got to try the scones Kylie- warm from the oven with clotted cream and homemade jam. Taff would soon perk up :)

  8. Hi Kylie!
    Hi Suze!
    Hi Subby!
    Hi Bob!
    Hi Nick!
    Hi Cinnamon!
    happy to hear Taffy doing good..
    I'll look for more children's book always.. Serene love books so am always getting books for her.... i am like you look at a recipe in internet.
    have a beautiful day
    love you all

  9. bob!
    now you're talkin! shortbread, scones and bob for company


  10. nick,
    i'm figuring out my method of choice.
    if you know where to get a book called "clean and undetectable methods of murder for wimps" we might be onto something

  11. cinnamon,
    warm scones are divine. what is the difference between clotted cream and normal cream?

  12. bindi!
    hi sweetie.
    thats great that serene loves books. read to her all you can find time for
    enjoy the weekend

  13. Kia ora Kylie,
    Anytime spent browsing in a bookstore is well spent.
    I too love the crock pot, and am right now sipping on a cupful of minestrone I made yesterday. Yum!
    Hope your cup of tea was nice. Enjoy the weekend Kylie.

  14. clotted cream has the consistency of polyfiller

  15. robb
    minestrone is such a fantastic thing! so easy, so healthy, so warming.....
    my kids are getting sick of it though :)
    whats your favourite section of the bookshop?

    i had a pretty average weekend but good if that makes sense

    nice to see you here

  16. I haven't browsed a book store in a loooooong time. That used to be the ultimate date night out with hubby, but in this town where I live we have one tiny book shop and it closes at 5 or 6 pm, which is later than the library. The used book shops close early as well. I now peruse the net for used book treasures. (Added bonus: I do not have to contend with rude crumb-flickers -- what was that all about? My goodness he was rude!)

    I am not a crime fan, but my sis it an addict. I choose old lit, true travel, cooking, gardening, deep spiritual reads, history etc. Don't own a crock pot -- but I love my pressure cooker. Wouldn't touch a donut, but a scone is divine (I also share Suzanne's home-baked shortbread addiction -- YUM!!!!)

    I'm finally around to catching up . . . and it's been fun. Life's too busy and full around my digs for much blog hopping, but I always find time for a bit of some "Eclectica." ; D


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