Monday, 31 August 2009

i live a bizarre life

i know a young woman who tells me she thinks it would be fun to live at my house. it's kind of flattering but also confusing. i look at her blankly and try to imagine what she imagines.

this morning i woke up to find this on the table. "who put the hair clip on the sticky tape?"

"it's actually a penguin" came the totally serious reply

"right" says me

the "penguin" was kind of waddled across the table with accompanying duck noises (well, do you know what a penguin sounds like???)

just in case you would like to make your own sticky tape penguin, these are the items you need

maybe my young friend is onto something!


i didn't know: i put it upside down. maybe it will make sense now, bob !?


  1. You live in a zoo. Funny thing, I think I live in one too! So, your voice is a sweet as mine is it? We will have to exchange phone numbers and find out, my friend. That we must do!

  2. You sure do Kyles :)
    What a beautiful life you are living.. "Yes, even living your dream can feel like a burden now and then. But, oh my, to live your dream!"
    -Sy Safransky
    this is what i am thinking of you now.
    love you dear

  3. I am reading a book called Death by Teenager. One mum's hiiarious account of raising adolescents By Sonia Neale. You will certainly recoginize some of the things she says with your lot of kids.
    What was it like talking to suzanne?

  4. oh i forgot to say she is an australian author.

  5. excuse me everyone who came first but i need to talk to bob

    there is nothing to get. it is just what it says. the point is who else gets up to find a "penguin" stuck on the sticky tape???
    and why did they tell me in all seriousness that it was a penguin??

    it's just bizarre!

  6. cece
    i do live in a zoo sometimes!
    and no, my voice is not divine or anything like that. it's just a voice with a broad australian accent

  7. bindi
    thats a great quote!
    i didnt feel it a burden i just thought it was all very strange. a happy kind of strange.......

  8. jo,
    sounds like a good book!

    suze talks like she writes. easily and much!

  9. I swear to God this was my reaction. "Bob, you can't be serious." And then to my darling Jo..."Brillant!!!" That's what it was like...simply Brilliant!!! God I love to toot my own horn!!! Kylie, you agree?!

    I'm going to read that book. I don't have kids, but they crack me up. That book sounds like a hoot. Thanks for recommending it.


  10. I think it would be fun to live in your house, too.

  11. Random. (as the youth these days would say)

  12. So that's a penguin. Wow, that's quite a name for a hair clip. Aw, there's got to be more to it than meets the eye.

    Best wishes,


  13. That's not a penguin, it's a jackboot. Does someone in the household have clandestine Nazi sympathies??

  14. hahaha it sounds like my house! I also have a small person who wants to live here - probably because I let it get messy!

  15. Yes, I've long thought your household sounded absolutely wonderful. It's your spirit I think.


  16. suzy,
    no, i dont really think you toot your own horn :)

  17. cinnamon,
    exactly! i thought this lot were too old for random oddness like that

  18. skeeter,
    who knows? it kept me entertained, though

  19. nick,
    clandestine nazi sympathies, no. could it be the start of a shoe fetish?

  20. abi,
    you go girl! sometimes it's easier to live with mess than a ranting mum (especially if the ranting mum is oneself)

  21. leah,
    such a compliment! thank you.....
    you poor deluded thing :)


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