Friday, 4 September 2009

on coffee, fish & pyjamas

today otin asks "what makes you happy?"

today i finished my work early and got an early mark. i was home from work before two pm. a long tiring week was over, the pressure was off, i could get a head start on tomorrows chores and catch up on yesterdays backlog.
it was a glorious day and i soaked in the spa, enjoying warm water, cerulean sky and iced coffee.
the girls came home with stories of pre-teen-girl-politics and i was here to hear it!
tonight i will join my brood to enjoy a fish and chip dinner, especially the battered fish. we will follow it up with a movie and since i have a jump on tomorrows work i might even see two and take a chance to sleep in. that would be the ultimate decadence.
tomorrow we will be off to my gorgeous twin nieces first birthday party and i get to be pyjama aunty, a privileged position which involves trawling the shops for the most adorable possible jarmies.

what makes me happy? all this and more


  1. Music always makes me happy. I have a large number of favourite CDs, and listening to any of them lifts my spirits immediately.

    Hope you had a good sleep in....

  2. I think that this is the first time that I have been here! I meant to stop by, and just forgot to do so! Sorry about that! I have been thinking about a wild onion post, but I have to get a feel for what fits the blog, I don't want to post a story about an axe murder! LOL! I will get on the stick! Thanks for doing the happy thoughts!

  3. Oh wow, that is pretty darn close to my idea of happy too. The pjs are so cute!

  4. You sound so on top of things. I loves the PJs- they are going to look so cute in those :)

  5. Can I have some of your fish and chips?

  6. Aw, Kylie this is great! It made me happy just reading it!

    I'm happy it's already noon Friday and we are hopefully going to get to leave early and Monday is a holiday!


  7. otin,
    thanks for dropping by!

    i look forward to your post :)

  8. abi,

    long time, no see

    oops, you were here a post or two back, werent you?

    i hope you're doing well and enjoying your little people

  9. leah,
    the next size up were even cuter but alas, too big

    i love little girls clothes. i can indulge my most exaggerated fantasies of frills & flounces on small children :)

  10. cinnamon,
    i felt pretty good too!
    well, i still do. it's nice to have a bit of balance

  11. bob,
    you most certainly can. how do you like potato scallops? they're the most irresistable heart attack in paper!

  12. megan,
    it sounds like you have a very fun-filled weekend prolly wont even get to read this!

    have a ball, babe

  13. I have kicked Helen off the computer so i can at least have a look in. She is now practising her french horn getting ready for v.c.e. solo and A.M.E.B. Exam grade 7.
    The pj's look cute. Hope you enjoyed your f&c's on friday night. We also have them on friday night as well.
    You say you hear of pre teen politics. Helen said two girls year 11 had a punch up right next to her on friday. I was told do want to hear the highlght of my day and proceeded to tell me all about it. The girl who punched the girl was suspended.
    Hope you have enjoyed your weekend?

  14. I'm off to watch St Kilda play and hope they will be in the grand final.I have barracked for them all my life. Go Saints!!

  15. I thought, "Ah Otin, you don't have to think too hard at The Wild Onion!!!"

    Hi honey. Love the PJ's and especially love you. You are a gem. Not only as a parent, and aunt and a sister, but as a friend. I simply adore you and I love this post. It's wonderful.

    Hey babe, when you get the time, can you give Em my email. She has a new blog site, but I can't access it for the life of me. I don't know what else to do. I have absolutely no way to stay in contact with her now. Thanks honey. Or honey, give me her email. Either way.

    Love you as always,

  16. Yes, I spelled "and" wrong. It's almost 3:30 am and I'm exhausted. You're going to laugh. One of the kitties was up on the frig the other day and for the first time ever decided to knock around all the items held on with magnets. I've yet to find your magnet. I'm not kidding. I've look everywhere, even in the aquarium!!! I've found everything else, but can't find your magnet. Don't give up...there's hope!


    P.S. Put on the tea kettle.

  17. Kylie, they're mainly women for some reason. Fiona Apple (my absolute favourite), the early Goldfrapp albums, Sheryl Crow, Annie Lennox, Cara Robinson, The Pretenders, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Smith, Catatonia, Pink. A very varied selection.

  18. Knowing that you're Pyjama Auntie made me happy just now. Although I started to imagine what kind you wear. I'm going for the thick flannel kind with the drop open flap in the back.

  19. well, brian, you got the drop open flap bit right!

  20. I love Bonnie Raitt!


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