Tuesday, 8 September 2009

i have a torn muscle in my back. the pain is UNBELIEVABLE, UNBEARABLE & UNIMAGINABLE.
for those who commented and didnt get a reply, i'm sorry.

i'll be back when i finish the codeine diet, hopefully by then i will also be dressing myself

love to all


  1. Hi Kylie!

    So sorry to hear about your back- just sent you an email, then saw your post. Codeine eh? Sounds a bit nasty- hope you are getting appropriate help and investigations from the docs.

    Sending you love and wishes for relief of your pain XOX

  2. Kylie! Oh dear. Pain meds are a wonderful thing. Take 'em, love 'em.

    Feel better soon--I'm thinking of you!


  3. Take care of yourself Kylie... do you hear me? Not like some people who insist on hobbling around on broken ankles.

  4. Hi Kylie, can so relate to this, but no codeine, unfortunately. You rest up. Took me two weeks to heal with the last back injury.

    Also there are two new spam-bots on the loose! Looks like you pickedup one...

  5. Oh no. I hope the pain goes away SOON.

  6. cinnamon,
    it might be codeine but it's over the counter so hopefully not too extreme?
    i'm progressing slowly
    thanks for your good wishes

  7. leah,
    i dont usually take the things but now i know what they can do i'm afraid i'll get to liking them :)

  8. bob,
    i'm way too wussy to do stuff like that and i have the kids running around doing stuff......

    thanks m'dear

  9. subby,
    two weeks is a long time, you poor thing.
    thanks for the tip on the spam bots ;)

  10. megs,
    i'm getting there. meanwhile i guess i am developing patience?!

  11. I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for a bit, thus didn't know you had incurred injury. OUCH!!! Have never had such an injury, but can fully imagine the pain. I shall add you to my prayers and check back for progress reports.

    Poor, sweet Kylie. : (

    Heal quickly : D

    Can't someone else handle the laundry and dishes and . . . ?


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