Thursday, 20 August 2009

The collective conciousness or coincidence or something means that Random Chick's post for today is perfectly related to mine. "The return of Mr Poopy Pants" details the, um, joy of Mr Poopy pants having an accident.
Right about now I would be desperate to see Mr Poopy Pants have an accident here. I don't want to embarass anybody but we currently have a person in our household who has a back injury. The injury makes pooping an agonising process and we haven't actually managed to produce a poop yet!
We try. And we scream in pain. Over and over I have seen this happen the last couple of days. Over and over. It is agonising for me and my patient becomes greyer by the minute. The doctor seems unable to understand the problem, waving me away with talk of enemas and warm baths. I wonder if he would understand if he listened to the screams?
I wonder if he would understand if he was rapidly backing up with poo?

Amazng how we take the simplest things for granted, isn't it?


  1. Oh no- so sorry to hear of your patient's plight. There is little consolation in these circumstances knowing that nature will eventually take its course.

    Too right, we take everything for granted usually :)

  2. cinnamon,
    my patient is self declared "all better!"
    getting there was a difficult process but the end justified the means!

  3. Glad everything is back to rights.

  4. Mark has just called over his shoulder that he will be watching Test Cricket from Lords for the next five days. But, he says hi to everyone!

  5. jo,
    i hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    it has been a rough couple of days here so i am pretty happy things are better.
    make sure mark gets out of his chair occasionally :)

    have fun mark!



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