Wednesday, 19 August 2009

i suppose i'm a little bit naive at times and i have finally realised that posting pictures of strange children is probably not acceptable so i have withdrawn my last post.
i took the pictures in a public place and i dont believe i did anything wrong but the NSW government is seriously considering further tightening privacy laws to prohibit the taking of photos just like mine so obviously not everyone would think what i did acceptable.
as it happens Nick has written a post about our preoccupation with safety. the timing is interesting, isnt it?
and i suppose i should have got permission to post photos of children i do know.......
it's a minefield


  1. Ooh, I didn't even think about this- I have posted a beach picture with people I don't know on it. MMmmm- food for thought!

  2. Kylie good point. Unless it's someone I know or a relation( and then I still get permission )...even with Princess Cheese's mum giving the okay,I've only posted a couple.

  3. Timely, yes. Recently, I refrained from posting the most adorable shot of a kid and his pygmy goat at the fair -- he was trying to show me the goat's beautiful teeth. He was so proud! The picture is absolutely precious. Since this 4-5 year old had NO adult in attendance (crazy in my mind, but we do live in a small town), I could not ask permission and thus kept the photo for private viewing only.

    This whole thing unsettles me as I seek to celebrate innocence and pure joy but my celebrating grounds, unfortunately, happen to be the world which is anything BUT . . .

    I think you did right, though I found it one of your finest posts. Good job all the way around. : D

  4. I must say I don't know why there's such a fuss about completely innocent pictures of children. What harm could possibly result from a pic of a small boy with his sister at a water tap? But I know the Oz authorities are getting very strict about photos of kids. I hope Oz is not getting as paranoid as the UK.

  5. Hm, I didn't think of that either. And I agree with Nick - where's the harm? - we don't know where it was, when it was, there are no names or anything - but I do see your point.

    It is, indeed, a minefield.

  6. cinnamon
    yourpictures are pretty distant, with no means of identification. i think you are ok.
    you seem to be having a great time

    go for it!

  7. hi there bob
    hows life treating you?

  8. deb,
    you ar eright. i was celebrating joy andi cant really understand the fuss about things like this but i suppose it's not my job to understand, just to respect.

  9. nick,
    the laws being proposed are, i think, going to be the toughest in the world.
    i think you could say we are just as paranoid as anybody

  10. megan
    i'm disappointed that a silly world means i cant post a couple of pictures but anyway......


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