Friday, 14 August 2009

the foodie tour of chipping norton part one

last week i told you about a perfect raisin toast and latte breakfast and you seemed to like it so i got this idea that i would introduce you to the eating options in my industrial paradise. unfortunately part one of this little project was derailed a bit by the fact that i forgot to get a picture of the actual shop but i do have the most important bit: the food
yesterday i stopped by the bakery for a finger bun. these finger buns are possibly the most perfect i have ever eaten, delciously soft, always fresh, with a sprinkling of sultanas and the icing on the cake: that fantastically generous, soft pink frosting with lots of chewy coconut
even with two pictures i couldnt quite capture the perfect delicate pinkness of that frosting so you will just have to take my word for it. you would have noticed that i washed it down with some cascade ginger beer. in the bright sun i could actually see the floaty bits in it! floaty bits are a good sign, they tell me there are actual, real, organic bits in there (not chemical free organic but came out of the ground, fair dinkum ginger organic)
and this is the table where i sat to eat this mini feast. once upon a time i would have taken it back to the flourescent lights and, well, chatter of the lunchroom but these days i'm making a new habit, sitting in the sun, watching the people, maybe even taking the opportunity to make small talk with some unsuspecting stranger who wants to share the table. last week i chatted with a truck driver as i munched into my chicken, mustard, lettuce and avocado sandwich
i wonder what might be next?


  1. Oooh, I want one of those buns! But isn't beer and iced buns a bit of a flavour clash though? I like the idea of sitting outside and chatting to anyone who comes along. Who knows what you might get talking about?

  2. Sultanas again? Wow . . . I never knew. ; D

    I love that pinkness and chewy coconut . . . YUMMY! (Maybe I could just swallow the sultanas whole . . . think?)

    I think your new habit of dining out of doors to catch the breeze and any passing conversation sounds WONDERFUL! In my working days I never understood the eat-at-desk or eat-in-lunchroom thing. I need air and light and even raindrops to go with my refreshment.

    Sounds wonderful. I'm fully onboard for the foody tour! : D

  3. Dear Kyles,
    you are making me Hungry, no not for beer or bread :) those Sultanas.
    am loving the tour and waiting for more..
    have a beautiful weekend
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  4. Good on ya for getting out and about! I should do that more often, but I am so busy I tend to eat at my desk five days out of five!

    That looks delish, by the way.

  5. nick,
    i did think at the time that it was an odd combo but thats what i felt like......

  6. debbie!
    you might have condemned me to sultana-hyper-awareness :)
    you can give the sultanas to me

    enjoy the weekend

  7. hi bindi
    how about the coconut? you would have to like that?

    love to the kidlets

  8. hey megs!
    i hope you get to chill sometimes....

  9. hi bob!
    what are you up to? what time is it there?
    i'm wandering back and forwards between computer, clothes line, washing machine, shower......
    soon to be sink

    saturday morning chores :)

  10. Friday afternoon, 4:50pm. Lying on the couch.

  11. aaah! the ideal way to begin the weekend :)
    i watched a dvd last night "sonny" i think it was a few years old.....
    pretty good

  12. 6:45 now. I wonder if Bob is still on the couch?

  13. On the couch, watching the Red Sox game.

  14. Hi i see you are on the computer now. I have been having a lovely time looking at the blogs while Helen is still asleep and hasn't got on the computer yet. Mark has gone to check on the church and i have the computer to myself yay!
    The bun looks good and has a decent layer of coconut icing which sometimes is the best bit.
    I have not found the mouse at work it seems to have disapeared. No i didn't misinterpreted your coment on beds. The other cleaner who was away is already saying the agency girl was not very good. She did not clean very well and it is more work for her now to fix it up. I said it was only for the 3 days but she dosen't see that way.
    Looks like you are having nice weather there.

  15. On the couch, watching the 49ers football game.

  16. hi jo,
    i'm coming and going between chores and a flick through the paper...
    kent is out fishing with the girls and the boys are here with me. liam was very hyped up tis morning, which usually means overtired, then he got into some sort of meaningless fight with keaghan and took himself off to bed to sulk. he fell asleep and must have been sleeping now for an hour and a half. i'm not sure.

    the weather is GORGEOUS! tomorrow is expected to be 29 degrees!

    sounds liek you are having a nice leisurely saturday, the way it should be, huh?
    say g'day to mark for me


  17. bob,
    your couch is very busy!

  18. The television is busy, the couch is only holding my fat ass up.

  19. your remote finger is probably busy, too

  20. Bob visits you more than he visits me. And so does Jo. That's just pathetic because I'm here to haul your asses over to The Wild Onion for Jo's birthday. Okay, so it's Jo's birthday. Think outside the box.

    God I love you guys!!!


  21. bob visits but he doesnt really say anything, just "hi kylie"
    then he sits on his cute wee bum and watches the telly.
    he also doesnt call me blottie or invite me to post to his blog

    you remain no.1, blottie

  22. Dear Kyles,
    I can't go to bed without talking you about coconut :)
    I am from kerala state in India. Kera in Hindi means coconut.. yes, Kerala is full of coconut trees.. we have coconut in almost every curry :) our simple snack is coconut and jaggery (i think it is palm sugar), then coconut water to drink. Coconut leaf for roof. you'll find coconut shells in crafts :)
    now i can go to bed..
    love you dear

    Ps. Happy Early birthday Jo!
    I will visit you soon..

  23. bindi
    thanks for taking the trouble to write about coconut at bedtime!
    i thought coconut would be essential to you and i was right!

    now, coconut and jaggery is something i would like to try

    love ya!

  24. Dear Kyles,
    Indian stores will have jaggery, get some fresh coconut to try with it..
    we use coconut oil for everything..

    Cece stopped by this afternoon. we had a great time.
    love you dear

  25. G'day,

    Just stopping by for afternoon tea :)


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