Thursday, 13 August 2009

it must be true 'cos now there are two

and this one is just for you, cinnamon. they seriously believe that the helmets should stay by the door in case of an emergency rendezvous at the park!


  1. LOL! Oh to have a little haven away from the paraphernalia of teens. This is why I am seriously tempted to move into the shed!

  2. Those often have I tripped over Hedgie's, just left out in the front hall right directly in front of the door...

  3. Dear Kyles,
    Hope you are enjoying your day!
    I have a small trike for Serene.. She will put that back in her room.. but when her friends came over, that is a different story.. I just got rid of it..
    sorry i am not around so much..
    love you dear

    Hi Cinnamon
    Hi Leah

  4. Hi Maithri,

    My best friends are in South Africa now.. on mission...

  5. Too funny!!! The bikes are in the living room. PERFECT!!!

  6. cinnamon,
    i once worked with a lady who set her son up with the main bedroom almost like a studio with his own lounge, computer, tv....
    her and her husband squeezed into a tiny room that fitted no more than their double bed.i thought it was crazy until she explained that it meant theuy got their apartment back :)

  7. leah,
    if i figure out how to train them i'll let you know :)

  8. maithri,
    they are, indeed, the best!

  9. bindi,
    when friends come to platy the rules go out the window!


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