Saturday, 1 August 2009

what's that thing where you forget stuff?

funny how the simplest thing can make a post and that question, asked by miss caitlin, was a great example. i think she was looking for the word amnesia. thanks for your comments and one day i'll tell you a forgetting story of my own.......

some time back i posted a picture of a tree visible from our backyard and i wondered about taking a series. it didn't turn out as well as i hoped but i'll post them just the same. the tree is gone now so it's a teeny slice of history. at the time i only wanted to shoot the tree but now it's gone i think how a broader perspective might have been nice. not because there is anything inherently fascinating about the backyard but because we could have looked at it and said "oh, look at that, i forgot that tree used to be there"

i read something about that once, someone was saying that with digital photography we tend to edit the life out of our photos in search of a perfect shot and that it makes for some technically good looking pictures but that after the passage of time it is the odd random things that sneak into photos (and have now been edited out) that gives them interest.


  1. It has very pretty foliage. I like deciduous trees, ones which look different in all seasons;which go through colour changes; which lose their leaves only to bud again the following year.

    You are so right about editing out the 'life' in our photos ( well I personally don't have that problem because I don't edit)- but I do hit delete from time to time. Gone are the days when we would wait with great anticipation for the photos to be returned from film processing- only to discover that only one in the whole bunch is in focus!

    I saw a fascinating programme about pinhole photographs, with the exposure taking 6 months. see

  2. Helen and I are booked to come to Sydney on the 22nd sept. We are staying 2 nights which gives us a day and a half there.
    We are then going on to newscastle on thursday 24th and staying at my birth mother's place at Halidays Point. I was thinking of having 3 nights at sydney but thought it would be alot of travelling for them to pick us up from Newcastle and drive back to their place within 2 days. As it is a 2 hour drive to newcastle each way.I have sort of got approval from charge nurse as apparantly she hasn't looked at the leave applications. I only found this out on friday when she asked if i could stay an extra 2 hours each day this week as the other lady has a sore hand and is having 5 days off. She starts her day at 7am to take the breakfast trays around that i haven't done before so they will lose time having to show me what to do. Not only that but i was asked to work next sunday in the kitchen upstairs (dementia wing) so will have a six day week. So I took the opportunity to ask if she had approved my leave and she hadn't looked at it but said that those dates sounded ok. Anyway now i have booked she can't say no.

  3. Dear Kyles,
    how was your day..
    loved those pictures...
    love you dear

  4. Wow, Joyful Jo and Helen are coming to Sydney! That means you can get some good laying down photos!!! Just go to Em's blog and see how a pro does it! You know, I thought it was funny that Em did it, but Peter didn't. Sometimes you just want to shake him.

    JO AND HELEN ARE COMING TO SIDNEY!!!! You're going to meet them, right? Good. Take photos and don't edit too much.

    About the tree, photography and editing.

    1) Editing. I don't really have time, so rarely edit. What you see is what you get. Sorry!

    2) The tree. I've enjoyed the photos so much and am suprised to learn she's gone. What happened? You know me and my history with trees. I think I care too much.

    3) Photography. Cinnamon said something so interesting. I do remember waiting for prints to come back from the photography shop, but now gratification is instant. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    THANK GOD!!!

    Love you baby. Hope you're having a good day.

    XO Suze

    Hi Cinnamon!
    Hi Jo!
    Hi Bindi!

  5. I'm over here looking for a hamburger. Oh right, I don't eat meat.


  6. hi cinnamon
    hi jo
    hi bindi
    hi suze

    i've left your comments here unanswered for so long it seems a bit redundant now, but i'll drop by tomorrow and say g'day



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