Tuesday, 4 August 2009

oasis, habits & toast

as you might have noticed, i have been giving a little bit of thought to my habits the last week or two and so far my most notable observation is that i don't have as many habitual behaviours as lots of other people. i probably have enough habitual thought patterns to more than compensate but that is a story for another time :)
this morning, after a bad nights sleep i was a bit sluggish and drained , i hadn't eaten at home and i set off with the idea of stopping at a local bakery for some breakfast. i got there and it wasn't right. i didnt want to eat anything they had on offer. i looked at the cafe "sugar & spice". i looked in the display cabinet. oh yes! thick sliced raisin bread
i ordered some toast and a latte. two such simple things never seemed so good. it was just what i needed. the coffee was just the right temperature, the toast hot and generous and full of sultanas.
in the ugly industrial wasteland where i work i might just like to make a habit of a stop at the sugar & spice oasis of good food


  1. Oh yeah baby, raisin toast- yum!

  2. Oooh yes, adding new habits sounds more fun than deleting old ones, definitely! That sounds perfect... I love fruity toast... I wonder what their tea is like ;)

    I want to make a habit of going to Wales lol.

  3. Sounds like a shrewd marketing move to set up a bakery in an ugly industrial wasteland. There must be plenty of other workers desperate to brighten their soulless surroundings. And who could dislike raisin bread?

  4. hi cinnamon
    raisin toast is a big fave of mine, especially if it drips with butter :)

  5. hi abi!
    you got it in one, girl!
    i think this idea of thinking about habits is going to start more than it stops :)

  6. nick! g'day & welcome
    shrewd marketing indeed....
    the number of people who come and go at that joint are unbelievable and i think they are probably all looking for some kind of bright point

    come back soon

  7. Bob, that's, "YEAH toast!"

    I am very sluggish today. Hoping to get at least a bit of a lunch break. I feel a salad in my near future...

  8. That is my dream breakfast. You MUST make a habit of it.

  9. hi megs!
    i hope you got your salad! what kind do you like?

  10. leah,
    it was just what the doctor ordered.
    a bit pricey to do every day but it felt like i was getting a hug from the universe (now i'm going overboard!) so when i need a bit of a pick-me-up it will be raisin toast & coffee all the way :)

  11. molly!
    ice cream, oh yeah baby, thats the holy grail.....

  12. The raisin toast looks really scrumptious and is a fave of mine too. Lately i have been having coffee scrolls with my morning cuppa.

  13. mark!
    it's been a very long time....

    a coffee scroll sounds irresistable. have one for me next time

  14. Now I'm hungry for raisin toast!!

  15. I love toast . . . not so much the raisins (in fact, I loathe them).

    I love finding new "habits" that enrich my life and trimming those that deplete my joy.

    You go girl! : D

  16. I like salads with lots of stuff in them. Yesterday I had something called a 'cabo san lucas.' :)

    p.s. Did you get more toast today?

  17. Cobb Salads rock... with plenty of blue cheese dressing.

  18. random
    i'm hungry for ice cream!

  19. debbie,
    yeah, i'm looking forward to developing lots of exciting new habits :)

  20. bob & megan
    i dont know either of those salads, better be checking them out!


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