Thursday, 6 August 2009

theme thursday kisses

little hands hold a curious rodent nose twitching against my face, "mummy, george is giving you a kiss" and so, in intent, is george's guardian

the slobbery innocence of a tiny mouth, not truly pursed, on my face

the kiss-by-proxy of a shared drink

the kiss of nature in a rainbow

butterfly kisses on smooth young cheeks at bed time

a passionate embrace

the kiss of the Father in the warm winter sun
or the first warm breeze of spring


  1. I love this, Kylie.

    "the kiss of the Father in the warm winter sun," it's all beautiful.

  2. Nice take on the theme :)

    Happy TT

  3. Wonderful, especially the last lines...and incredible header!

  4. i'll put my coffee ring on the table...lots of memories in those kisses...even from little rodents..

  5.'re such a good sport with George!

  6. Well I have never been that close to a rodent (though we did have pet mice)!

    I ruefully ponder that maybe furry-animal kisses are all that are left for me!

    I like this poem kylie- the way you have strung together different types of kisses; this is lovely.

  7. I'm so dying for the warm kiss of spring! Very cute little erm . .rodent!

  8. "the kiss-by-proxy of a shared drink"


    The whole thing.

    My theme would only be slobbery not poetic.

  9. Kyles,

    WOW!!! I absolutely love it!! This is so beautiful... You are a true poet - You write from life...

    Much love, M

  10. Kissy kissy! I love this poetic post! : D

  11. leah!
    thanks. it worked out ok for a stream of conciousness, eh?

  12. marianna
    thanks and welcome to eclectica

  13. subtorp, hi!
    i just got the header off google images. it's a phoenix

    come back soon

  14. brian,
    i see you all about the place, nice to have you drop by for might need to bring your own cake :)

  15. betsy,
    hello :)

    georges kisses are adorable, i dont really need to be a sport!

  16. cinnamon,
    dont entertain the thought that animal kisses are the only ones left
    i wasn't actually meaning to be a poet, just trying to make random thoughts look interesting :)

  17. baino
    the last few days have been gorgeous, havent they?

    it's nice to welcome a sydney-sider, come back soon

  18. jayne,
    welcome to eclectica and have a great weekend!

  19. hi megs!
    how goes it?
    do you have liam back yet or are you still loafing about?

    either way, enjoy the weekend

  20. wings!
    you changed your avatar, yes?

  21. molly
    nothing wrong with a bit of good honest slobber!

  22. maithri,
    all you deluded people thinking i'm a poet, very funny!

    have a spectacular weekend you meanie, you :)


  23. debbie!
    thanks. i wonder what delightful word artistry you would work with this theme?

  24. skeeter
    thank you

    have a lovely weekend

  25. Hi Kylie,
    Your mouse picture must my be my theme today.
    I got to work to be told not to go into the cleaners room as two night staff had chased a mouse into the room and had placed towels,sheets outside the door to stop it escaping.
    After waiting sometime for our mainetence man to turn up i was told to go in. I was in and out very quickly. The man turned up but he was adamant the mouse has got out earlier. I said it couldn't have as the door was sealed with towels and sheets. I reckon it is hiding in there and knowing my luck it will be me who will see it there on monday. I also had a girl from an agency in to help me who was indian and said i will pick it up by the tail and put it out for you if i see it. I have had a long week doing 8.5 hours this week starting at 7am. anyway the money will come in handy as this dosen't happen often that i have to cover the other lady while she is on sick leave. It is the first time in the time i have been there they have employed an agency person. They finally realised that they were asking too much of me, but i still had to stay and do the six beds on the other ladys side after going my side of the building. So i ended up with 13 beds each day. The agency girl just cleaned the basins, and vacuum the rooms.Sorry i seemed to have rambled on.

  26. kylie, google image or not, it's a right nice interpretation and works well, here :)

  27. Kia ora Kylie,
    This is beautiful, you are a poet. Like it or not you have a way with words.

  28. hi jo,
    the funny thing about mice is the way they can disappear, utterly vanish!
    i hope your mouse disappears, i like our george but a feral running about isnt quite the same....

    13 beds a day sounds like A LOT. is there some kind of protocol saying who does what? couldn't the agency girl have done a few beds?

    i'm sure you will have loads of plans for the extra money, make sure you spoil yourself a little bit though, theres no point working your butt off for no benefit!

    hope you had a great weekend

  29. subtorp,
    two visits to one post, wow!
    the phoenix is just so typical of my style: the swirling colours and the slightly abstract appearance


  30. ruahines, kia ora!

    such a compliment, thank you :)
    it's not so much that i wouldnt want to be a poet, just that i'm not really worthy of the title

    have a great week!


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