Sunday, 9 August 2009

after spending far too long feeling like a mouse on a wheel, maybe even like a mouse on a wheel and chasing it's tail, i feel a bit more balanced.
regular readers would remember my new colleague who i dubbed "halo girl". well, halo girl is still regarded by management as pretty special and it still grates but you know what? being eclipsed means that there's a whole lot less pressure on me. i guess i would still be held accountable for any deficiencies in my department but halo girl has been given some of my more frustrating duties, in a sense leaving me to float through the days. the other good bit is that i am no longer the only person doing the work and i can come and go at will (within reason) knowing that the job will still be done. i'm working less and making less money but feeling saner and more free.
in an odd twist it has made me a worse blogger. having a little more energy and better focus and so on means that instead of coming home and sitting mindlessly in front of the computer i do a few other things and i'm tending to read and post but not to comment as regularly as i once did.
the take-home message here is that if i'm not "talking" to you as much i'm still reading and still interested, i still love blogging and bloggers and i'm also living better. be happy for me :)


  1. Hi Kylie! Hadn't read about "halo girl" but it seems there's one at every job( no matter what job, y'know? ). And I can relate, 'cause I've been through something similar, as I'm sure a lot of us have. No worries; if halo screws up, it's on her head, wot?

    As far as not blogging much; that's actually secondary to me and I do it when I've the time( or when things round me, calm down ). I'll still get in the writing, just not the posting, straight away.

    Easy rule I live by: Family( or personal matters )first, bloggos second( actually fourth with me-LOL! )And less job pressure=better living all round, yes? Take care and enjoy it :)

  2. Ooer, I hear some alarm bells ringing here! I hope this isn't the classic ploy of taking on someone else to "share your work" and then replacing you altogether. I've seen it happen a few times. Hopefully I'm wrong and you're just getting a bit of well-needed help. But watch the situation very carefully....

  3. subtorp,
    i love to blog and i get frustrated when i cant so if there's any pressure it is all self imposed :)

    halo girl has turned out to be pleasant enough but the management adore her which is a bit irritating for me.....
    i dont think she will screw up

    it's all part of the unfolding story, eh?

    cest la vie


  4. nick
    that was precisely what bothered me so much but theres no point getting and staying hot under the collar so i do my job and take the opportunity to have a rest.
    karma/ natural justice/ God will take care of the rest


  5. Do what makes you happy. I'm glad you've got the opportunity to fill your life with more positives than negatives.

  6. Special,

    Always happy for you as I always will be xxx

    Love ya hun,

    Peej xxx

  7. Funny - I've been loafing around for two weeks while Liam's been gone, doing nothing (but going to work) and I've actually blogged much LESS.

    I think my brain is taking some time off, or something.

    In regards the halo girl situation, I think you are taking it in the absolute best way.

    I'm happy for you!!!!

  8. Hi Kylie! I am happy for you, very very much so.

    As for me and blogging, I find I blog, and work on my private writing, more not less when I'm feeling centered and creative and all-around good. It's funny how different people are. Funny but interesting.

    Although I did have to make dinner before I could get back to writing my post...

  9. HI kylie,
    There's always got to be one halo girl in a work place. Hope its working out for you with less stress.
    To answer your question about why I got to make 13 beds last week was the Co-ordinator misunderstood me when I said i would clean but not do another six beds. When she rang the agency she told them we needed someone to clean ,so rather than change it I said I would do them.
    Hope you had agood weekend?

  10. So, when are we going shopping then?

  11. megan,
    i remember you said you hardly cooked a thing, what have you been eating?

  12. leah,
    i probably write better and feel more motivated when i'm in a better frame of mind but i leave aside the commenting a little bit in favour of, say, cooking or chatting with the kids

    it is interesting. a good thing we're all different :)

  13. hi jo,
    you will make it pretty clear next time, i bet

    the weekend was pretty good

    did your mouse show up today?

  14. jo,
    that sounded harsh about the beds. sorry, i didnt mean it that way, just that you wont want to make 13 beds again in a hurry :)

  15. na!
    i keep forgetting, we could have shopped on saturday. you will have to hassle me :)

  16. Beautiful. Enjoy your life.



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