Monday, 10 August 2009

crazy in love, madly in love, love sick, love struck, love is blind

out for dinner on the weekend, there was some talk about two newly minted "couples" and i was amazed when somebody commended these couples for approaching their new romances sensibly

i mean, i know they are new relationships. i know we all need to keep our eyes open. i know they might not be in love yet (or ever) but it had me gobsmacked. it seems to me that a relationship that starts as sensible is incredibly sad. young lovers, whether they stay together or not, have a lifetime to be sensible. young people look forward to bills and work, children and family, responsibility heaped upon obligation and all of those things have their own rewards but they all require us to be sensible.
i know that love doesn't always bowl us over, sometimes it will sneak up quietly but in my mind new love will always include some degree of insanity, some feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control, a sense that we are unwitting targets of cupids arrow


  1. To every rule there is an exception Kylie. In this case I have no doubt the sensible comment is probably apposite.

    On the other hand maybe the person making the "sensible" comment is the penultimate satirist!


  2. #4 but sooo long ago & #1 but for different reasons. Then again, I don't see myself as the sensible type...what ever it is, wot?

  3. Oh it would be sad sad sad indeed. To miss out on that first thrill! People are silly.

    John's comment was so funny!--let's hope they were being satirical--

  4. I agree with you. New love should be a little bit out of control. How boring, otherwise!

    But on a side note - an emphatic NO to #2.

  5. (I do realize that's not your list)

  6. I think you're dead right. How can a new relationship be passionate and exciting if you're asking yourself what sort of behaviour is sensible? That freezes the whole thing in its tracks and turns it into something stiff and lifeless. As you say, plenty of time to face up to what's sensible later on.

  7. First love. New love. The best. I remember both fondly.


    P.S. Thanks for showing up on my BD. I love you darling.

  8. They don't call it lovesick for nothing. There is nothing sensible about love.

  9. Kia ora Kylie,
    Maybe a bit off track, but I think it is cool to find a moment of that feeling of new love with the person we now love. We all know that feeling of new love wears off in a partnership, natural process and all that, as well as the day to day grim realities of life. But every once in awhile I can look at my wife, see her come into the room, or hear her voice on the phone, and my heart leaps.

  10. subbie,
    bah humbug to sensible!

    thank heaven somebody gets dad's humour :)

    you're right, no to #2

    lifeless is so undesirable. stiff might be more so

    did i say that?

    it's all grand!

    thats exactly what i was getting at in the title. cliche contains truth

    interesting you mention this. as i wrote i was thinking of how many people dont fall madly in love but love each other all the same. i think the way a couple starts is probably not as important in the long run as the relationship skills they use but in the romance killer of daily life it has to be a help to have a mad passion to remember and just occasionally rekindle

    thanks everybody for dropping by and joining the fray :)


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