Saturday, 19 September 2009

i dont need adrenaline sports, there's enough drama in my normality

life seems extreme at the moment. ordinary but not ordinary at all.
i spent the morning trawling the shops for a dress for miss eleven. it was frustrating to go to shop after shop after shop, gradually becoming less fussy about the dress and more generous with the budget but still not finding anything. and this not the first try. the constant pain of the last two weeks has worn me down and i would normally delight in her good eye and natural style but today a sullen mini fashionista was intolerable.
mr thirteen hassled and harangued me for credit for his phone this week. i have been handing out money like nobodys business and his credit was a bit painful but i got it. and he lost it. and i lost it. then he lost it...........i'm sure you get the picture
the other miss eleven has had a cough for a while but tonight is the night she can no longer stand it. what am i to do on a saturday night?

we eventually found a dress we could agree on and managed to regroup a bit over iced chocolates. mr thirteen and i came to a truce of sorts as he helped cook the dinner and miss cough will probably cope better, even if the cough continues, after a good sleep.
on wednesday i went back to work after more than a week off. it was almost enough to turn me into a hurting, tired, weeping puddle but i did it. i managed to work, i can sit for a short time and i can kind of concentrate.
so the challenges of the day are resolved as well as they will be and when i can go to sleep without being afraid of pain getting up in the morning i will consider life normal.


  1. "so the challenges of the day are resolved", indeed! Quite a few hurdles but looks like you managed them well. Glad you're able to return to work but mind that back you don't over-work it and can enjoy the week-end hmmmm?

  2. Hi Kylie... still catching up from last week's schedule but I'm reading all your posts!

  3. Kia ora Kylie,
    My weekend was fairly chaotic as well- without the back pain. Off to take the kids out for International Rock Flipping Day, which is as simple as it sounds and provides hours of entertainment.
    Kia kaha!

  4. I understand compleatly about the handing out of money. Lately I have been doling money out to Helen. Rcharging phone, Going into town to see yet another boy who seems to be the flavour of the month at the the moment. She has a band concert this afternoon and wanted money for lunch and then they are all going out for dinner after the concert. I just remembered that's why we didn't leave to go to sydney on the weekend because of the concert.

  5. subby
    i handled them as best i could at the time and your vote of confidence is appreciated.

    have a wonderful weekend

  6. hi bob!
    you dont have a lot to catch up on here, i'm afraid. it's a bit frustrating

    great to have you back

  7. robb,
    is rock flipping the same as skipping?
    a day in the sun is a little bit of paradise. enjoy


  8. jo,
    yep, thats how it is! liam has been in a number of concerts and workshops lately and they all need extra money what with fares and meals and fees.....
    the girls need money to travel for sport and then there were mouthguards. i shouldnt be concerned about it but it was really noticable the last few weeks

    see you soon, eh?
    ( i emailed finally, hope i got the right address this time)

    have a great day


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