Tuesday, 22 September 2009

we'll meet again, who knows where, who knows when....

after nearly three years of blogging i met a blogger!
tonight i took the kids who were interested and headed into the city and we met Jo and Helen
thats not me with them! thats liam

we had a nice meal together, chatted about this, that & the other

then bade farewell

who's next?


  1. I've met very few of my fellow bloggers, except Baino and Gaye in Sydney, and John and Ciaran in Belfast. And they're all adorable! Tell you what, just jet over to Belfast and we could meet up for a coffee....

  2. Kia ora Kylie,
    Very cool. I have met 4 people who regularly appear at my place. All good. I think it can really reflect the genuineness with which we connect via this medium, and whom we choose to connect with.

  3. I want to be next!!!!

    That is so much fun.

  4. It was lovely meeting you and your great kids. You were just how i imagined you all to be.

  5. I've two fellow bloogin' buddies not far from me and we meet up on accassion. Cheers to you!

  6. You all look fantastic! How sad Mark couldn't be there.

    I've never met a blogger, but as Ruahines says, the mediuim does have genuine people! Don't forget to look me up if you ever come to the UK :)

  7. nick,
    if i go all the way to belfast i'll be hoping for cake as well :)

  8. hey robb!
    i never fail to be amazed at just how strongly a person is depicted by their words
    kia kaha

  9. mark!
    i bet you do.
    it would have been good to see you too. there will just have to be a next time, wont there?

    and did you remember to feed the cats?

  10. leah,
    yes, you should be next :)

  11. the pleasure was all ours, jo!

    and you were pretty much what i imagined, too.
    obviously we are both great imaginers!

    it was lovely to meet you and helen. she is so poised, isnt she?


  12. cinnamon,
    lots of genuine people!

    i will be in the uk in 2056, will that suit?


  13. Cake? Good heavens, do you think I'm made of money??

  14. Wow!
    What a great day you all had!!!
    Thanks for those pictures..


  15. Awesome!! The pictures are great! I would be so happy to meet any of my fellow bloggers. Just maybe we can get that reunion together someday!!

  16. Oh, now that's cool. You remember a while back, I met Zack from 'Voices". It's really fun to put a person to the blog. Good stuff.


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