Friday, 25 September 2009

i think all the people who missed work because of wednesday's dust storm were going twice yesterday. the traffic was diabolical. and i got stuck in it. and the extra driving time stuffed my back again so i'll just wander off and feel sorry for myself


  1. Cool that really real?!

    I also gotta Jo Joyful?! She appears to be in her photos and comments...always.

    Don't feel sorry for have lots of people to help share your...stuffing.

  2. I saw the photos of Sydney during the dust storm. That looked wicked!

  3. Perhaps they were all rushing into the city to do those vital errands before the next red dust storm blows in?

  4. OY! Sorry 'bout your back acting up again. Long rides do that to me, as well. And saw Bainos snaps of this monster storm!

  5. molly,
    it is a real picture, it is taken from our front door so it's the house opposite us

    is jo joyful?
    well, i suppose she is. she's kind of quietly happy, not over the top this-cant-be-real happy

    and if you would like to share my stuffing i would be glad to hand it over :)

  6. bob
    it WAS wicked!
    there will be red dust in nnoks and cranies everywhere for many years to come

  7. nick,
    funny about those vital errands. why are the shops always PACKED the day before a public holiday? most folks should have enough supplies to get them thru ONE day

  8. subby,
    you have all my sympathy. i hope this back business is just a blip on a mostly pain free life and i cant imagine living with chronic or recurrent pain

  9. All the pics of the dust I have seen are so freaky wild!

    Hope your back gets better soon. I am approaching the age that my mother was when her back gave out. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. Oh no- not your back. Hope it doesn't set you back too much.

    The dust storm looks eerie- saw the pictures over here. Has it cleared yet? i guess it will take quite a lot of wind and rain to settle that down.

  11. Kyles,

    Wow, that looks nasty. Oh, and the dust storm too! HI HONEY!!! I've missed you and I've apparently missed what the hell's happening in the world since Alan arrived because I don't have time to watch news. Who knew you were looking at a red sky.

    Alan and I were viewing all the photos. Helen looks lovely. WOW! I told Alan if he visits Australia to stay away. No really, just stay away from Australia. She's tall. You're tall (and GORGEOUS!!!), and your son is SO, SO tall. Or is Jo a miget?

    I love you darling. Sorry I've missed so much but I have this broken ankle thinkie, Alan, Facebook, games with Alan, too many damn late nights to think straight and a computer that doesn't want to completely cooperate. Life is beautiful!

    LOVE YOU!!! XO

  12. hey megs!
    yes, good luck with the back....i'm finding out just how important they are!!

    whats amazing about the dust is that a whole lot of people were treated in hospital for breathing difficulties because they were out jogging in it
    why would you jog in a dust storm?????

  13. cinnamon,
    i feel like i've gone two steps forward and more than one back right now but anyhow.....

    after dire expectations of bad air quality for days the day after the dust was back to normal air quality and lots of dust on cars and roads and well, anything!

    a good storm would clean it all up

  14. suzy!
    welcome back
    helen is lovely: poised and beautiful
    jo is pretty short (and i can say that because she did) but liam is a giant at 6'3"
    i dont really know how tall i am, about 5'9"

    whats up with you and facebook? my goodness that thing is just blogging for the braindead (and i am on there so i can say that too! lol)

    hope you are feeling better

  15. hey suze, you know whats funny?
    i put my cardigan on the counter behind me so i wouldnt be holding a whole lot of stuff and looking like a bag lady in the photo. it got in the pic anyhow!

  16. I saw the pictures in the news - absolutely incredible! Just incredible! Sorry you got stuck in the traffic though - bummer.


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