Sunday, 27 September 2009

6.15am is almost an obscene time to be out the door

i'm itching to write a new post but i have to go to bed, gotta be up in time to have the wee twin cherubs at school at 6.15am.
they are off to camp for the whole week. i will miss them but i won't be meeting them on friday with tears in my eyes and flowers in my hands.
no, not me. others do but i won't

see you soon


  1. We're baaack!!
    Left Halliday's Point at 2pm.
    Left Newcastle Airport at 6.15pm
    Touched down at Melbourne Airport at 8pm. Got the airport shuttle bus back to the City, where we were met by Mark, and got a taxi home by 9.30pm. So, that wasn't too long getting home. Was it?

    Hope the girls have a great time at camp.

  2. 6:15, outside? What does that even LOOK like :D I hope you have a nice break and they have a great time!

  3. Do enjoy the quiet. But you know you'll miss them...

  4. Hope they enjoy camp better than I did as a kid (two weeks of torrential downpours!). Hope you also enjoy your own week free of the little blighters!

  5. Enjoy your cherub-free zone and do something for you :)

  6. Hey Kylie,

    Enjoy the quiet; chill out and relax to the max. I did while my girls were away!

  7. No tears & flowers here, either. Big hugs though.

    I looooved camp. CYA, baby!

    Enjoy the quiet and hope to see the itching post soon!

  8. Hi! That's way too early in the morning. It will be quiet though.

    Best wishes,


  9. hey jo!
    it looks like you did ok :) by now you should feel like you never went away and have done all the washing!

    did you have a good time?

    i'm developing your problem getting the computer, the kids were never interested in msn but now they suddenly are ;)

  10. abi! how are you
    at least it is light at 6.15.
    it was even light when i got up at (wait for it) 5.30
    the kids were very well organised so it was an easy morning once i dragged myself up :)

  11. subby,
    liam (my oldest) tells me i make enough noise to make up for them!
    he is exaggerating, right?

  12. nick!
    they adore camp. two weeks in mud and rain must have been dismal

  13. cinnamon,
    i will enjoy it!
    no "mum, can i have...."
    no "mum, whats for sweets....."
    no "mum, he's annoying me....."

  14. kooka,
    i bet you chilled
    and i bet you missed them

  15. megs,
    i'm not sure what the itching post actually is!
    just know i need to do one

    oo er

  16. I leave for work around 6:15am every morning. You guys are whimps!LOL

  17. Well, actually I didn't quite chill out while my girls were away!


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