Wednesday, 30 September 2009

remember how i was itching to post?
and it has taken me all this time to get back here!
the very first thing i want to say is thanks megs for the award. of all the folks on your blogroll you pick me?
as recipient of this one i am obliged to tell you seven things i love so without further ado:
  • blogging (duh!)
  • my kids
  • my dawg
  • ice cream
  • flowers
  • hot showers (ooh, look, a rhyme!)
  • painkillers

and i am supposed to pass it on to six......

nope, i can't. if you don't get my attention i don't read you and thats the end of that

in other news:

work is good (finally)

liam is off to china in 6 days (that came quick)

the girls are still at camp

last night taffy (my dog) could barely stand, didn't come when i talked to him & seemed less than hungry (shock!!, he is half labrador)

i worried all night, then i worried all day.

then i came home to take him to the vet and he was (wait for it) trying to chase birds!!

the vet says he has arthritis!

i'm sorry his leg hurts and all but i thought he was dying!!

i never thought arthritis could cause so much trouble so quickly. it could still be something worse but probably not. and we got a freebie with the arthritis meds. it's a "cookie jar" for the liver treats the vet gave him for being so good?

i have a good mind not to give him the tablets. he'll never run away again if his knee hurts!

oh, and you know what else? there is a massage mit to match the cookie jar!!

he. is. a. dog.




he never had it so good!

heck, i never had it so good :)


  1. Poor Taffy, arthritis must be a bugger when romping around is one of your big pastimes. And he can't even complain to everyone how rotten he's feeling! Hope the meds have the desired effect.

  2. Sorry 'bout Taffy! My auntie's Chow had advanced arthritis and could barely walk( tho' she did manage to waddle somewhat )...and pets won't tell you if there's anything wrong, with them but 'tis possible to read them...

    And congrats on the award!

  3. How did pain killers get tacked on to the list of goodies? Sounds like na!
    Sounds effusive a word that has eluded my recall recently.

  4. I came around quietly, but found laughter and joy in your list of "Good" and your rejoicing over Life With Taffy. I am smiling . . . bless you! : D

    Thanks for all the prayers. Gloria goes to a regular hospital room today. Good Bye ICU!

    (My buzzards are gone, too. Hooray! I join your celebration!)

  5. Hi Kylie,
    Sorry to hear your dog has got arthritis. How is your back?
    My arm/elbow is not any better and work finally asked me how it was so i told them. The lady at work asked what they could do to make it easier for me with my work. Well ummm i said it is just the same whatever i'm doing at the time. I said strecthing it really hurts and trying to reach the snib lock that are at the very top of the doors is not good for me. You know how short i am. The next thing is she is arranging for all the snibs to be taken off and only lock the door with the key. I don't think the Pca's will be too happy about it. They want me to go back to the doctor and the physio is going to see me tommorrow.
    Good that Liam is to China next week. How long does he go for?
    Helen has been talking to him on facebook.

  6. hi nick,
    it certainly hinders the wanderlust and the bird chasing!
    he can still get pleasure from food tho :)

  7. subby,
    i read him, i just read the wrong thing :)
    i'm sure he will be fine

    and thanks! it's always nice to get picked for an award

  8. dad,
    effusive, gotcha!

    painkillers are wonderful when you really need them. i'm sure they will soon drop off my radar

  9. hi deb!
    wonderful news about gloria!!

    you must all be very relieved.
    God is good

    taffy will be the death of me, you know but i wouldnt have him any other way

  10. hi jo
    that arm must be a real bother. i'm glad you told them and they are taking it seriously. dont worry what people think, you cant be reaching up if it's going to hurt you.
    i know i'm probably painful with my zeal for chiropractic but i'll take the risk and recommend it.
    if work cover will pay you are in clover.

    i'm quietly delighted about helen and liam but dont tel them that!

    take care

  11. Yep work cover is paying. I go to the doctor on monday afternoon.
    One of the girls upstairs was not pleased about the snibs coming off. When i explained that i was asked what hurt my elbow i said strectching for the locks does and that i didn't ask for the locks to come off she replied "well if your going to say that of course they will take them off." Anyway The finance lady who runs the systems told me she had already been thinking of taking them off for safety reasons ie: fire safety so i didn't feel so bad after she told me that.

  12. hi jo!
    i hope it makes a difference for you!
    have a great weekend


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