Friday, 2 October 2009

these boys loitered with blue boxes

there were quite a few of them around memorial square

the best of the lot

the boxes had radios inside and the loiterers joined up to form a choir.
a local radio station played the accompaniment.

there were dancers too

after the flash mobbing choir finished we wandered through sydney's minor chinatown.
the suburb is the local centre of commerce but i usually only go to the mega mall so i'm not familiar with the exotic and possibly boastful shops in the main street :)

satay combination, pork & wom bok soup and fried rice were some of the tamer offerings at this very authentic chinese restaurant. it was all delicious and as usual i forgot all about photos until it was nearly gone

chinese tea is good but on a hot night keaghan and i can't go past coke


  1. Was this restaurant anywhere near where we were staying?

  2. Looks tasty! That must have been an interesting sound with all those people and all those blue boxes :-)

    Best wishes,


  3. Please pass the sweet & sour sauce.

  4. Radios in the boxes?? Sorry, don't get it! All those blue boxes- looks like a psychedelic hallucination!

    The meal looks so yummy- thanks for the tour Kylie!

  5. i have a poem about a box somewhere...

  6. jo,
    no, this restaurant is in the hurstville chinatown, about 20km from the city and it was established about 20 years ago. the chinatown near where you stayed was haymarket and it is much older.

  7. skeeter,
    technical problems meant there wasnt too much sound at all! but i thought it was a wonderful idea and worth documenting

  8. bob,
    how's about hoi sin? yum

  9. cinnamon,
    i think it was just to make them all look uniform. the boxes were very light plastic so the sound could easily pass thru

    the food was excellent


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