Thursday, 29 October 2009

halloween festivity

my last post was a bit of an aberration, at least in my rose coloured view of my blog it was....
anyhow, i am back on track as much as i ever will be. megans opposition to halloween costumes appeal to the curmudgeon in me so in honour of cranks and cynics everywhere i thought we could compile a list of groan inducing festive traditions. please feel free to throw in a suggestion or two
  • on my behalf: PARTY HATS
  • on mine and megans: HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
  • on mine: COSTUME PARTIES
  • on liams: PARTY POPPERS


  1. Halloween in my observation has been absent in Australian celebrationary life mecifully. It has always seemed to me an American obsession that you read about in novels and Reader's Digest material. Why it is getting a run in Australia I don't know. Just another mindless imitation of USA "culture" I suppose. Even ceremonies are now CereMOANies! Halloween began in Europe I guess but in the land of the free they exaggerate everything usually for $ reasons.

  2. I love and adore Halloween!

    We're all about the homemade costume at chez weatherinthestreets.

    However, I am nothing if not a crank and a curmudgeon.

    On my groan list is the capitalist version of Christmas beginning in October. If I were a Christian I would be even more furious at the whole "Christmas costs less at Walmart" ad campaign. Talk about draining a sacred day of its spirituality.

  3. So I guess, more succinctly put, Capitalist, Secular Christmas is on my groan list.

  4. Halloween, bah humbug. I could do without all those weedy kids in their unscary masks (who I never see the rest of the year) asking listlessly for trick or treat. Scrap the whole thing, I say. Unless of course I can join in the trick or treat and demand tenners off every household in the street. That would take care of those outstanding bills.

  5. Here's my list of groan inducing festive traditions:

    Valentine's Day Crap (all of it)
    Easter Egg Baskets full on Sugary Crap
    Carving the Pumpkin
    Putting Up Christmas Lights
    Making tons of food (and a HUGE mess) for Thanksgiving

    I guess I'm just a party-pooper.

  6. I could not agree more with Leah about commercialisation of Christmas. It stinks.
    Nick yeah bah humbug.
    Random chick she also articulates my attitudes well.

  7. i went to our big shopping centre to find the christmas decorations were already up including a giant christmas tree. It really annoys me that they put them up so early.
    It is the same for easter when they put out easter eggs out as soon as christmas is over. Hot cross buns as well which the supermarkets say they are responding to customer demand to putting them out so early.
    Hall0ween is being celebrated where I go for pyhsio which is a trendy suburb near us. The street has posters on the shop windows asking for people to dress up and go into shops that have this poster displayed between 8am and 11am for trick or treating.
    I am not a fan of dressing up for parties either.

  8. I'm so with Random Chick. Pooping totally artificial, cringe-inducing festivities is our basic human right. And sticking candles inside pumpkins is a shocking waste of good food.

  9. I'm okay with Hallowe'en because it doesn't really impact on me whatsoever. Christmas is a touch confusing though - all that alpine imagery in the middle of summer is taking some getting used to!

  10. Halloween is overrated. An excuse for bored youths to throw eggs and flower. Or to steal your garden gate (as they did mine one year). We don't celebrate it.

    The commercialisation of Christmas is worse.

    Party-poopers Unite!

  11. Kia ora Kylie,
    Halloween has sort of slipped under the radar here in NZ - at least in comparison to what I had in the states where it is full on. I did have my letter box smashed in last night, though suspect it had little to do with Halloween. My favourite fun Halloween game was always bobbing for apples. Loads of laughs and everyone can have a go.

  12. thanks all for your comments. if you come back in the next day or so i'll reply to you all properly but i just had to get my new post out before it felt stale and now i have to go to bed!

  13. Yeah, Valentines Day pretty much tops my list. But that might be because I've never had a reason to celebrate it! :)

    I actually do like costumes and costume parties - just not at work! And I agree with Bob on office birthday cakes. Horrible.


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