Wednesday, 28 October 2009

good attitude coming soon, just when is anybody's guess

it started with a sobbing and cranky wee girl, who i couldnt deal with in any helpful way, just tried to limit the damage and then

the boss decided to do a cleanliness audit on my room today, just when i had last been packing liquorice which has a habit of spontaneously reproducing. i had thought i had done a good clean up. no, i had done a good clean but there were a few remaining smudges. liquorice is like that. clean, clean, clean and still you will find more......
there were a couple of other things he pointed out and he seemed generally ok but i wished it was better. to make matters worse someone else had used my stuff, told me they would clean up and didnt. that part was a true embarassment.

timing is all in life

my cringe worthy day got worse when i had "the apprentice" quoted at me. the trumpster is some businessman but i dont really think spectacular is the adjective to apply to my work and i wonder if they really know what they ask for when suggesting spectacular?

the part that churns my gut every single day though, is the forced jollity of the countdown to Christmas on the noticeboard. it's a business. it's there to make money. i dont know why we also have to pretend to have fun

but not too much fun........

*the cynic wanders off grumbling*


  1. I've never heard of cleanliness audits in the UK. A good thing too, or the piles of unactioned bits of paper on my desk would have been a major embarrassment. But fortunately, I'm not partial to licorice....

  2. Sounds like a real crappy day. I hope it gets better tomorrow, err today. I'm in the US Pacific Time Zone so I'm not sure what day it is, really. But you know what I mean!!!

  3. Aaaaah I am never going to be able to work anywhere with a cleanliness audit. Seriously, uhuh, Abi - you're fired!

    It sounded like a pants day :| I'm having a bit of a pants week, shall we have a nice cup of tea and some licorice to make up for it :D

  4. I'm sorry Kylie! Me too if it's any consolation...

    hug for you

  5. Oh Kylie! Hugs for you. Sounds horrible.

    I'm soooo with you on the pretend fun thing. Right now I'm getting black looks from some for not being willing to wear a halloween costume on Friday.

    "But Megan, why don't you want to join in the fun?"

  6. Good attitude coming here too, just when is anybody's guess here too.

  7. Bummer . . .

    Here's to good attitudes on the way. : D

  8. nick,
    i dont know if you have picked up on what i do, the company i work for make herbal medicine so cleanliness is a must and the audit was just a formalisation of what has always been expected but the timing was terrible!
    i do like liquorice, just not trying to clean the stuff :)

  9. random
    i find it hilarious that you guys can write an email to me the day after i actually get it!
    if only we could all be on the same time zone!

  10. abi,
    if they did an audit on my house i would be fired pronto!
    i have never heard of a pants day but i guess its bad, lucky you have a great bum :)

  11. leah
    it's gotta be the alignment of the planets!

  12. megs! a woman after my own heart :)
    lets have an anti-halloween

  13. bob,
    welcome to a very special club!

  14. oh debbie,
    drop by and catch me whining, why dontcha??

  15. Oh, apologies, I hadn't gathered the herbal medicine bit. Now all becomes clear. And a pants day just means a rubbish day. Though a pants appreciation day might not be so pants....


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