Monday, 26 October 2009

i seem to be chronically constipated, creatively speaking. i am becoming cross about it and now that i have announced this state of affairs it will most likely resolve itself with a run of inspiration and i will look like a twit......

please, nobody tell snowbrush, he hates bloggers who post about having nothing to post about
what kind of bloggers or blog habits do you love to hate?


  1. Hey Kylie!

    That's a good question. Oh, I have many pet peeves, including things that I myself do...

    But I won't say any of 'em here, so I won't be rude to anyone (including myself).

    Well, I will say one thing--I'm SO not a fan of the sois-disant "mommy blogs." I mean, you know I like to post about Hedgie, and we all like to post about our kids, but if that's ALL we posted about, argh. I like to think I've got something going on besides my child, ya know?

  2. The only blogs I really hate are the ranting right-wing ones about political correctness, bra-burning feminists, dole-scroungers etc. So I just don't read them. Other than that, minor irritation is as far as it goes.

  3. Oooh, I don't like the lefty blogs either! LOL, but true.

  4. I'm not a big fan of playlists that automatically start blasting away the minute I enter someone's blog.

    I don't mind that people have them. It's interesting to see others musical tastes, but as I usually have something of my own playing in the background while I'm bopping around, it makes me cranky when I have to look all around their blog for a 'pause' button before I do anything else. :)

  5. There are a few blogs around that my operating system (XP) doesn't seem able to cope with- I think because they are so full of widgets and gadgets. I tend to prefer the blogs that will open at the click of a mouse!

    keep blogging on- we like to hear what you have to say!

  6. Spesh -

    I AM around darling, but not really doing much. I'm sure I'll be back on track after this course is finished. It's winding up now - just over a month and I'll be free!

    Hope you're keeping well, honey bunch. Think of you often xxx

    Peej xxxx

  7. leah,
    i know what you mean! for that very reason i swore i would never post about my kids. i didnt quite keep that resolution but i still hope that my blog reflects a bigger life than that, even if my life is mostly in my head!

  8. nick,
    i havent really come across any extreme ones like that....

    i have said before but will risk boring everyone: i really cant handle unbridled anger, especially where it crops up often. i blog as relaxation, i dont need blog rage along with all the other rages :)

  9. leah,
    i guess i'm pretty left so i forgive all that

  10. megs,
    i get scared everytime someones blog starts blasting at me!

  11. cinnamon,
    i like the simple blogs too, some of the fancier ones just fail to load

  12. oh and cinnamon?
    if i have anything to say you wont shut me up!

  13. ahhhh! pete!
    i relax when you show up....

    it wont be much longer. hasnt the year gone fast?

  14. Hi Kylie,
    I'm sure your inspiration will be back. I too am lacking in that dept as well. I also don't like to say too much about my child as i feel others are bored hearing about what they are up to but just a little bit now and then.
    I have just got home from work with all my energy intact as i have someone helping me do my work for two weeks. Oh boy is the morning long when you don't do as much as usual.

  15. Hi Kylie,

    Don't ya just hate it when that happens?!?

    Best ... productive ... wishes,


  16. OOh, I don't like music attached to blogs. There's nothing worse than being blasted or having it cut in over my listening material of choice!

  17. hi jo,
    how are you going?
    i really hope that arm gets better with the reduced workload. you should soon get used to the slower mornings.
    helen is delightful and we are all happy to hear about her.

    it's been sticky and hot here today after winter yesterday, nearly like melbourne :)

  18. thanks skeeter!
    you might need to send lots of productive wishes :)

  19. omchelsea!
    what is your listening material of choice?
    and unless you are really lucky i wont know it, i dont know music so well


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