Wednesday, 21 October 2009

short on bloggy inspiration as i am you get a run down of my day!

my machine at work broke down yesterday so i quickly took the opportunity to ask for a day off while repairs were being carried out. as it turned out it was fixed before i left yesterday but by then i had secured my "mental health day" and was happy to keep it.

i had grand intentions to file at least one of our two tax returns before the end of month deadline but had some trouble making the program run. i knew it was easy fixed but i needed liam to give me some info and he never replied to my texted plea for help. when he got home he told me he didnt have his phone today. that would explain it. we got the problem fixed within minutes but by then my quiet day was over so i suppose i'll be doing the tax after work some night. or after i write this post. or in the chaos of the weekend.

anyhow, unable to do the tax i procrastinated on the vacuuming, hopped in the spa for a wee dip, browsed facebook, left comments on some blogs i haven't got to, read a couple more, phoned my mum, had a toasted cheese sandwich......
and got down to business, serious vacuuming business, at about 2 o'clock. with the heat of the day and unused to hard work the cleaner overheated more than once so i sipped iced coffee as i waited for the poor dear to recover.
the house looks much better now, far from perfect but not panic inducing. gotta be happy with that :)

i had to take liam to band and pick him up again. it was hot in the truck so we stopped for cash and got lemonade slushies, delish!

after that we stopped again for watermelon and salad for tonights dinner.

hot meat pies, fresh baby salad leaves dressed in lemon & olive oil and potato made for a yummy and effortless dinner and we followed it up with the first watermelon of the summer.

all up it was a great day and i am happy


  1. I just got my tax done last week. Here I was thinking we were the only ones who hadn't got around to it.

  2. Poor hoover, she just can't stand the pace! Or was it the vast mountains of dust she couldn't quite swallow, lol.

  3. I am so happy that you had a great day and are happy, and I thank your for visiting my blog. The pain go me up early today, and I felt cheered to see that you had been by.

  4. Hi Kylie... catching up from my trip... how's the vacuum?

  5. MEGS!

    i finally got it done on saturday, always be sure i will be later than you at pretty much anything

    NICK :)
    you're good, i 'll give you that

    my hoover is temperamental to be called she!

    and i am cheered that you dropped by here. i am so struck with creative constipation that even my most loyal readers are drifting

    hows it goin??
    i have my fingers crossed for you


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