Thursday, 19 November 2009

i was at a function a few weeks back where a clip of lucille ball's comedy was shown. in this scenario lucy (did she have other characters or just lucy?) was at work in a factory. she was required to wrap candy as a conveyor carried it from another room. the conveyor got faster and faster and lucy became frantic. candies were shoved down her bra, in her hat, in her mouth.....anywhere to keep them from arriving at the next station unwrapped.
the clip was pretty funny to everybody but me. i have done enough process work to know the stress of a too fast process. i know the frantic trying to keep up, i know the tiring and temporary success and the gradual descent into chaos as the operator becomes tired. i know that this is when it becomes messy and dangerous and panic inducing.
today that was me. i was taken from a position where i controlled the process and the speed was ramped up. it didn't take too long for me to know that i would finish the day cactus. and i did.


  1. Oh Kylie,
    I would hate that to happen to me. I panic when i have to go fast in a job. It's a feeling i do not like or i suppose does anyone else like.
    I do remember that particular episode of the lucy show. The tv stations always seem to show that one.

  2. hi jo,
    i'm happy to go as fast as i can but too fast is just too fast and it's really stressful. everytime i said i was stressed everyone laughed!

    i'm good now

  3. I do sympathise, I have a natural pace and rhythm and if I have to exceed it I'm really thrown. Nobody should have to work at an inhuman speed they aren't comfortable with, it should be illegal.

  4. thank you nick
    tomorrow will be better!


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