Saturday, 14 November 2009

Everyone you meet has unmet needs, unhealed wounds and unfulfilled hopes. If you want people to evaluate you by your best qualities, rather than your worst, 'Do to others as you would like them to do to you.'


  1. Very good thought for the day- it's translating from thought to action which is the difficult bit!

  2. Re: your last post about clothes I have just cleaned out my wardrobe of clothes that I haven't worn for at least 2 years. A charity rang last weekend asking for donations and i for once went and cleared it out in 34 degrees heat in our bedroom. Ahh!! the satisfaction of actually doing what i set out to do.
    I am feeling a little embarshed at the moment as i went to a work party and managed to miss the back step and went falling flat out on to their back lawn. Everyone thought i was really drunk but i wasn't.
    Very good thought for the day.

  3. A worthy sentiment most of the time, but it falls down somewhat when you're dealing with someone you just know to be totally unscrupulous and cynical. Like an estate agent. You can be as nice as you like but they'll never be nice back.


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