Saturday, 14 November 2009

i'm tired of looking at that last post. it didn't signify an existential crisis or anything like that. i might have that next week.
thanks for all your comments, i like to just toss something out there and see what comes out of it

i have to get going and do a bit of work before going to high tea by the sea. i have one hour in which to do the weeks housework! of course i could have had 5 hours if i hadn't been perfecting the art of procrastination for the whole morning.

and the post should have ended there, where i was off to do stuff but i've gotta tell ya i have a wardrobe issue.....
i have a load of clothes i love, all gorgeous, mostly flattering.....

and none that i feel like wearing

long sleeve?
classic or quirky

it's a hard life


  1. I was staring into my closet this morning and I realized that it is full of things I haven't worn since I've lived here. It's over a year. Time for a purge, whether I like them or not!

    I'm glad to be back in long sleeve weather, though.

  2. Sometimes I think how convenient to be a bloke, I can just sling on a shirt and pants and that's me sorted for the day. Other times I think, hey it'd be nice to flounce around in a swirly dress for a change....

  3. megan,
    i have a lot of stuff i dont wear too often but it all gets dragged out sometimes so i'll just continue with the overflowing house....

  4. nick,
    i wear uniform to work everyday so i understand the convenience of a lack of choice but boy oh boy do i love to play sometimes!

  5. quirky, go for quirky!

  6. hi cinnamon!
    i tried every quirky thing i own (and theres a few) but nothing seemed right so it was just jeans and a white shirt with an eyecatching choker and my wild mane :)


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