Thursday, 10 December 2009


thanks megan for this award! i don't know how i managed to receive it , since it doesn't seem to have a pre-requisite.

now, i gotta tell you 7 things you don't know about me and pass the award on to 7 people.
i don't think there is a single thing i haven't mentioned here but i'll try

  • i haven't worn a watch regularly since i was 17
  • i'm afraid of stairs without risers
  • i love liquorice so much sometimes i eat enough to....well, never mind
  • my kids call me jellybum
  • if i speak publicly i have worse nerves when i finish than when i start, i actually imagine i have left out vast swathes of what i had planned to say and that what i did say made no sense
  • i personally own five bibles
  • i hand raised a couple of budgies as a teenager

gah! i'm not gonna bother nominating seven, these things are so incestuous you probably all have one anyhow :)


  1. Funny what you say about thinking your speeches make no sense. I feel the same about my blog posts sometimes. They're fine as I write them, then when I post them I wonder if it's complete nonsense that'll just baffle everybody.

    My over-eating tendency is cherry and sultana cake. I have to stop myself before I get distinctly queasy.

  2. Nah, c'mon, there's stuff you haven't told us! :)

    Thanks for playing along, bestest Kylie. You deserve lots of flowers.

  3. that was obviously one of my most boring posts ever

    either that or there are lots of boring posts and people are tired of being kind

    either way, thanks for dropping by, both of you

    nick, your posts always make sense
    megs, if you are gonna call me bestest please visit more :)

  4. Yes, far too boring. Come on, let's have the real dirt....

    So why do you need five bibles, huh?

  5. nick,
    one bible is a Good News translation i was given as a child. i keep it for the nostalgic value
    second is my grandmothers king james version. i rarely read it, just sometimes read something in the old style because it might take on a different meaning or be presented in a prettier way

    third is a bible broken into everyday readings so it can be read in a year. i have never really used it. it was given me by an enthusiatic holy roller many years back

    fourth is a Living bible paraphrase given me on graduation from sunday school. it is useful for gaining a different perspective

    my favourite, everyday bible is a Good News version, the same i had as a child but not falling apart

    and now for the real dirt........

  6. A bible with everyday readings? Sort of bite-size portions? I like it.

  7. I love liquorice too- but the root. I love chewing on those old sticks!

    As for bibles- I have a few around, including my grandfather's study bible which has his handwritten botes in it. I love to dip in and see what he was thinking about what he was reading.

  8. Red licorice or black?

    "i don't know how i managed to receive it , since it doesn't seem to have a pre-requisite."

    Well, then, maybe it's for people who have nothing to offer? Either that, or it's for people who have so much to offer that it would be an exercise in futility to even try to list their impossibly large number of virtues.

  9. snow, black.
    i think youre right, the award if for all round fantasticness :)


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