Wednesday, 2 December 2009

while i was playing with this top ten idea a friend asked me what i would want for my kids. i expect that now i am putting the subject up for discussion you guys will suggest a whole load of stuff i never considered..............
  1. i would like my kids to have good relationships; healthy, satisfying friendships, happy marriages, civil acquaintances.
  2. good health; emotional, spiritual and physical
  3. joy
  4. purpose
  5. enough challenges to make them better people and enough heart to rise to the occasion
  6. i want them to believe in their own potential
  7. and to know themselves
  8. i want them to have insatiable curiosity
  9. i want them to improve on the good examples set for them
  10. i want my children to seek good, to do good, to be good in the grandest sense i know. i want them to know God and pursue holiness


  1. A very good list. I think I'd just add one thing - a critical faculty so they can assess the value of other people's statements and not be taken in by half-baked nonsense and political spin.

  2. Oh, Kylie, this is wonderful. I think Nick added the only thing that I would add.

    The last item is so important to me. I'm thrilled that we are likeminded in this way.

    Beautiful list.

  3. I love that list. And Nick added a very good one. I would probably add: to genuinely love and accept who they are as a human being...then share that love with others.

  4. oh nick! yes i did think of that but it wasnt quite right in the context where i wanted it so i put it on the backburner and forgot :)

  5. thank you leah :)
    i think that if the last one is in place the rest probably take care of themselves to some degree

  6. random,
    thats a great one! i hoped that emotional health would cover this idea but you express it more eloquently

  7. Wow that's a beautiful list. If they end up having all of these, you will be blessed indeed :)

  8. You'd also want them to be able to care for you if need be( like I do with my Mum )...I think that's important. Other than that, it's a great list :)

  9. cinnamon, thank you
    i can only do my best and hope :)

  10. subby,
    i hurt my back a while ago and i was a mess for a bit. the kids proved themselves very good nurses. i was very proud

  11. Kia ora Kylie,
    A lovely list. As I struggle with my own teen the one thing that occurs to me is I wish for him an interesting life.

  12. kyile, I do remember you alluding to that and glad they were helpful :)

  13. hey robb!
    an interesting life is certainly something i want for my mob, yeah. when i talked about wanting them to be curious iwas working the same theme from a different angle. if they are interested they shouldnt get bored

    aroha right back :)

  14. Absolutely brilliant list. You are a very good mother.


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