Tuesday, 1 December 2009

cinnamon's challenge

over at cinnamons circumlocutions i have been challenged to write a post on grooming (refer to the comments to pick up why) so i wondered what my top ten grooming products might be. i asked myself "if i was going away for a week and could only take ten grooming products what would i choose?"
as it turns out ten products are pretty much all i use.
my top ten (and not counting soap or oral hygeine stuff because they are a matter of health, right?) in approximate order of preference are.................

  1. deodorant
  2. shampoo
  3. conditioner
  4. hair elastic hair in my eyes drives me nuts so this is a biggie
  5. comb
  6. curl defining product
  7. nail clippers nothing more annoying than ragged nails
  8. paw paw ointment for dry lips mostly, sometimes for hands
  9. red lipstick if i had to choose just one
  10. earrings


  1. Good list Kylie! I just realised that I am not sure I could live without at least ten! Sounds like an awful lot, doesn't it?

    Mine would be:

    1. 'Sure' 'invisible white marks-free' deodorant! Can't be having any streaks on my sexy black top.

    2. Herbal Essences Conditioner (don't mind what shampoo)the only one that doesn't make my head itch

    3. hair gel (the only thing that keeps my short style tamed)

    4. Aqueous cream- used as a moisturiser, lots of it

    5. Body Shop 'Hemp' hand cream- the only stuff that repairs the cracks :)

    6. 'Forever young' foundation!
    7. Blusher
    8. Eye pencil
    9. mascara
    10. Plumplicious lip gloss!

    there- ready to face the day!

  2. hey cinnamon!
    the thing that struck me about your list was the mention of cracked hands. i'm supposing that you wash hands a billion times a day. i probably average a little under that but still a lot and what i recommend to folks who really have trouble with it is to slather hands with sorbolene before bed and put cotton gloves over the top. it's slightly odd but it works fast :)

  3. Wot, no tweezers? I certainly need tweezers for all those annoying hairs that insist on sprouting in the wrong places. Why do they like my nose so much, huh?

  4. yup, i wash my hands a trillion times a day.

    I'll try your trick, thanks, though not sure what 'sorbolene' is! is it what we call 'vaseline'?

  5. no nick, no tweezers. that particular joy is to come

  6. cinnamon,
    sorbolene and aqueous cream are pretty much the same thing

  7. I don't believe a word of it. If you women could actually get by on ten items, then why do you pack fifty? And why do you have to carry all fifty around with you at all times? And furthermore, I don't believe for a minute you would leave behind tweezers. I've never met a women who didn't have a pair at the ready for any unforeseen emergency. But here's a helpful hint at paring down your list, get a shampoo/conditioner and you can combine two in one.

  8. mr charleston
    i promise you i am far too wussy to voluntarily remove my own hair by the root and i am genuinely low maintenance. why carry 50 items when ten will do?


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