Sunday, 29 November 2009

bella the white rabbit

this is bella. we wandered in to the pet shop in passing yesterday, as is traditional and among the wee bunnies for sale at prices of $70 and up was bella. free. at 18 weeks she and her two brothers were too old to sell.
i hadn't anticipated getting another rabbit but well, she was free and she needed a home and we know rabbits. bella is a sweet sweet thing and i'm glad to welcome her here but there is something very, very wrong with this picture.
at 18 weeks she is still very young and very cute and it appalls me that she could become essentially worthless so soon. how long would she have been kept in the shop before she was offloaded to someone who didnt care in the slightest......or worse?
why is there such an oversupply that a rabbit like bella can't be sold and do the breeders have any concern for the future of their animals?
will the people who pay top dollar for a younger animal tire of it by the time it reaches 18 weeks?
the whole thing is so unsavoury.


  1. She is adorable.

    We have a bunny problem here in the states too--there are many bunnies abandoned after the initial cute phase, when people realize it is an actual living creature that requires care. But these bunnies are bred and couldn't possibly survive outside. Our animal shelters are full of them.

  2. Hi Kylie!

    yes, she is so cute and what a lucky bunny going to a good home.

    Rabbits are probably among the most neglected pets in UK too,- a similar situation to the one Leah describes.

    enjoy your bunny cuddles!

  3. Unfortunately I doubt if the average breeder cares what happens to the rabbits once they've offloaded them to pet shops and been paid. I expect it's entirely up to the conscience of buyers and shopkeepers to ensure they don't come to a sticky end.

    Glad you rescued Bella before she succumbed to a less pleasant fate.

  4. Oh my GOD. That is so sad! I'm so glad you took her in. I had no idea, but then again, I generally stay out of pet stores in my area, because of the puppy mill situation. We have a local pet store here that sells "exotic" animals, and I got my baby bunny there. She was 2 months old though, and I paid full price.

    she's beautiful. I'm so glad you rescued her. If I lived near you I probably would have taken all of them.

  5. I bet the girls are pleased to have a new member of the family.
    Good on you for saving Bella.

  6. hey leah,
    bunnies here dont usually seem to make it to shelters, they are usually kept outside and stories of dogs, foxes, heat exhaustion and run aways abound....

  7. cinnamon,
    i thought people other than australians were better with bunnies, i guess i got that wrong.

    i'm gonna take you up on the grooming challenge....stay tuned

  8. karen,
    i hope they are all homed properly, the problem is not those three but the fact that it is a story that repeats over and over....

  9. megs!
    bella likes the look of your facemask :)

  10. jo!
    the girls are indeed happy! they want bella in their room :)
    i think not

  11. Dear Kyles,
    You are so sweet..
    and welcome Bella..
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  12. hi bindi!
    thanks :)
    compliment me anytime


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