Friday, 27 November 2009

best of.....desserts

inspired partly by mr shife's top ten list i thought i might do a series.....
or i might do just one top ten post....
depending how my concentration holds out!

and now, without further ado, are my favourite desserts. i can't really guarantee they are the top ten, because these things change but they are faves....

and there end the disclaimers

  1. passionfruit topped cheesecake: the tang of the fruit perfectly balances the rich creaminess of the cheesecake
  2. fresh mangoes
  3. pavlova: with banana and passionfruit and strawberries on top
  4. sticky date pudding: drowned in toffee sauce, maybe some whipped cream and eaten on a cold day
  5. lemon meringue pie: it has to be just right though. pampas make a good one (apologies to all non-aussies for mentioning a brand) the lemon is just perfectly light and the pastry is tender. yum yum
  6. expensive ice cream in a waffle cone:what flavour? well, theres coffee, toffee, chocolate, butterscotch, honey with malt marbles, rum & raisin, ginger if you can get it......i'm not fussy with ice cream
  7. steamed puddings: i rarely make them but i have fond memeories of ginger, butterscotch and chocolate. all great on a cold winter's night when comfort food rules
  8. fresh papaya
  9. a cup of coffee with a ginger nut for dipping
  10. and another sentimental favourite: vanilla nut custard (thats an egg custard made caramel-y by using brown sugar. there are little clouds of beaten egg white folded through to make it both smooth and fluffy, depending what the spoon picks up) with orange jelly (it has to be orange to get the colour balance right) and tinned pears or was that banana? yes, prolly banana


  1. Not keen on steamed puddings or coffee with ginger nuts, but I'd love a spoonful or two of all the others! How about one of my favourites, tiramisu (made to the proper Italian recipe that is, not the home-made travesties you sometimes come across).

  2. tiramisu! yes, i forgot that one

    dont know if i've ever had the genuine article....
    thats my new culinary challenge!

  3. Wow. Every single last thing on this list sounds sublime. I am a dessert fiend, so this really struck a chord! I would especially like to try the sticky date pudding. Never seen it here.

  4. I'm SO with you on the mangoes. I've never had fresh papaya, although I've been wanting to try it. I don't like dried papaya, it's a bit too strong for my liking. Expensive ice cream? Definitely. Can't have cheap ice cream, it tastes terrible. Toffee and coffee? it's like we were separated at BIRTH!!!

    This post was delectable!

  5. Another delicious post!

    Off to the fridge I go ;) Prayin for ice cream... which i know was finished yesterday...but hey its the season of miracles right?

    Big love, M

  6. Okay, I'll be really ice cream. That stuff just kills me. I'm not kidding!!!! I mean really, how could they make coffee better!!!!??? Papaya? No. Don't like it. Mango? Could take a bath in it!!!!!!! LOVE YOU. I'm hungry! XO

  7. karen,
    you gotta try papaya :)

    have a great weekend, whats left

  8. leah,
    sticky date pudding is great, fine comfort food if a tad on the unhealthy side....
    dates are fruit, right?

  9. maithri,
    if you get an ice cream miracle could you get one sent my way , too?

  10. suzie,
    you dont like papaya? how bout if you were eating it off of somebody ?



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