Monday, 23 November 2009

true confessions

reading the newspaper this weekend i was interested in a reference to a blog called true wife confessions. folks can write anonymously to the blog owner with their unsaid complaints and she will publish them.
i love the blog in the same way i would love to read a juicy diary or peek into somebody's house....
and it got me to thinking about the "true confessions" i might send:
(and these are not neccessarily to my husband)

  • it's really, really dumb to spray deodorant on your clothes
  • i know you check my phone
  • do you think we don't notice your outrageous flirting and laugh behind your back?
  • your back seat driving is insane
  • do you think i don't know when you give your lunch to the dog?
  • can't you stand still and have a conversaton for five minutes

do you have any secret confessions?


  1. to one: I can feel your erection when we dance.

    to another: I like thinking about you inside me while he's going round and round and round and on (that would be a good friend's definition of pleasuring a woman)

    to quite a lot: I AM looking at your VPL. What were you thinking?

  2. oh! that was one i had in mind and forgot:
    everytime i go to the shops i see someone and think

    "your bum so doesnt look good in that"

  3. That seems more like complaints than confessions. I mean, what are the dumb things that WE do? Well Jenny's got me pretty well trained, but I'm sometimes guilty of grubby toes, driving through red lights and wearing my clothes until they're rags....

  4. nick,
    you are right about it being complaints, i was trying to follow the tone of the blog i mentioned.there are a lot of times when the thing we wouldnt say to somebody is more a complaint than a confession

    i drink milk straight from the bottle

  5. I just spent WAY too much time on that site. It made me kind of sad, but I couldn't stop reading it.

  6. I have too many truly secret confessions to confess anywhere...

  7. Wow. Just spent two minutes on that site and felt completely devastated.

  8. Oh I have plenty of secrets but based on the advice of my attorney I must plead the 5th.

  9. Hi Kylie,

    Yes, I do have secret confessions. Most of them come out in my blog, a few of them come out in the confessional :-)

    Best wishes,


  10. Never married but witnessed many a back-seat driver, heh, heh...sorry but distracted by Ellie's avatar...where was I? Oh yeah...wot's deodorant?( ducks shoe )!!

  11. subby,
    if yuo like the avatar you should try her writing!

  12. Think I'll have a looksee, later on; filing away for reference :)

  13. megs and leah,
    it is pretty sad, i guess but i'm too voyeuristic to worry a lot....

    now, theres a confession for you :)

  14. I pretty much hang all of my warts out on my blog or facebook updates, LOL.

    Here's one: To a fellow facebook user:
    Why on earth did you send me a friend request only to ignore my every attempt to communicate with you, to skip over any and all comments I make only to answer other people's comments, and comment after me on other people's statuses while completely ignoring me? You were a snotty stuck up cow in high school and it looks as though things haven't changed, and if you weren't the moderator for our class of '84 page, I'd delete you in a heart beat because I see you lurk my page EVERY SINGLE DAY. Freak.

    I feel SO much better now!! AH... the things you can't say on Facebook!

  15. OMG, I read the first post. I have to say I'm horribly addicted already. I love this kind of stuff. I'm depraved...


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